Industry Marketing


Marketing Research

At Cymru Marketing we believe in Business Consulatation. All marketing strategies begin with research on your business and your competitors. We also seek out your targets. Our broad range of primary and secondary market analysis services can help you gain knowledge and secure a competitive advantage and identify category disruption ideas that create new market opportunities at any stage in your brand’s lifecycle.

Performance Analytics

We will tell you how well your  campaigns are  performing and optimize them for the best performance. At Cymru Markting we perform reporting on all your campaigns. and utilize our cloud advanced analytics technology to track and manage all essential marketing and communications initiatives all in real time.

About Us

Cymru Marketing is a fully integrated marketing and media agency.

We Consult Companies and implement, track and optimize campaigns across all traditional, digital, and emerging channels. Our motto is  "A Combination of Creativity and Attention to Detail makes the difference between a Company and a Corporate Brand".

Our strategic planning and traditional and online media marketing always keep on top of emerging trends, technology, and creativity to give our client partners a competitive position within the digital and interactive space.

We teach our clients that securing keywords puts you in front of the opposition. Branding makes Advertising Costly, whilst Keyword Real Estate buys you the ultimate property and place helping you stand out in the crowd.

We put ourselves in front of your customers just as they would do if they were searching for you, they may not necessarily know your company name but they do use keywords to search for your business. Hence we secure your keyword domain names so you can add them to your link wheel. By directing your domain names to your website you generate traffic for those search terms.




Marketing involves many levels of strategic development. From making sure your domains are uploaded to all the search engines to verifying your domains with Google & Bing. To ensuring you have the right amount a valuabe content and most importantly your  meta tags are optimized with your keywords.

Keywords are the essential tool to targeting the right type of client. As well as having keywords in your headers you need to make sure they are in your domain name too.

If you are a brand name but you need keywords, you acquire them and divert them to your main website.

Marketing is a multi level Link Wheel, as seen in the diagrams below, its not just plain old advertising it is much more than this. Marketing is a complex tool that has to be integrated properly in order to work.

* Please note there are many versions of an SEO link wheel. Depending on how many keyword domains you have pointing to your default website will determine how many sub wheels need to be created. These examples are not set in stone and can be customized for each domain name that is created. The examples show both SEO & Marketing working side by side. SEO is very complex whereby experienced developers integrate coding to optimize your website for the best possible lead generation and viewing experience. Also do not get the two confused traditional marketing and search engine marketing  (SEM) is not the same whereas traditional methods could be telesales,  promotional events, media advertising, etc. Whilst on the other hand search engine marketing is a variation of link building, classified ads, directories, and blogging to name a few strategies for an optimized link wheel. SMO (social media optimization)  also plays an important part in a fully integrated link wheel for your pages and ads.