Leave Megan & Harry Alone!

Practically every day there is something NEGATIVE to be said about Megan & Harry and today I read the headline from the Daily Express article written by Leia Paxton, QUOTING ‘Meghan Markle should ‘win an Oscar for ‘narcissism’ as Duchess branded ‘a shocker’. Speaking of Meghan during a Sky News Australia discussion, ‘Ms. Elsworth’ said: “She should win a female Oscar for her narcissism, she is a shocker.

Meghan Markle should ‘win an Oscar for ‘narcissism’ as Duchess branded ‘a shocker’ (msn.com)

I gather Ms.Elsworth has never experienced ‘Narcissism’ to actually use these words correctly.

Narcissism does not only describe the abuser’s personality traits it can lead to domestic violence. For someone who has experienced narcissism firsthand, this caused a trigger of emotions to come flooding back.

Study: Narcissistic Traits Can Lead to Aggression and Violence (verywellhealth.com)

Narcissism | Psychology Today

Bad journalism does not do the writer any justice because there are repercussions to writing things that are deemed defamatory.

I hope Megan sues anyone that accuses her of narcissism for defamation of character and I would start with the person that thought she would get her five minutes of fame by ‘NAME CALLING’ which is in fact a narcissistic trait.

The journalists that are saying they are sick and tired of Megan and Harry should just leave them alone. Furthermore, if the truth is known I am sure people are sick and tired of all the bad press surrounding this which should stop, but where money is to be made won’t.

Every person that has said anything bad about the Sussexes, is as much to blame.

I am sick and tired of hearing and reading about this, why can’t the media just leave them alone, why can they not focus their attention on more important matters, like ‘the cost of living, or inflation?

Leave Megan and Harry to get on with their lives. What they chose to do, to make money is their business, and anyone that has ever said anything bad about them is in my eyes as much a narcissist as the one that is being accused.

In fact, I am sure the Royal Family is sick and tired of this media frenzy, and fueling the fire from the media shows little respect, not only for Megan and Harry but also for the Royals.

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