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Located in Cardiff UK, Cymru Marketing Journal Offers Local, National & International Digital Marketing, including outbound marketing, blog posts, and social media advertising. We understand the power of exact-match searchable keywords and phrases, and domain names and have therefore implemented the use of a Link Wheel of URLs that are forwarded to this site:

Whether you are starting up or an already established business looking for more exposure, Cymru Marketing Journal is here on hand to take care of all your marketing needs. We will write content and advertise your business to give you exposure and add help you generate leads. We offer video creation and marketing to make your campaigns interesting and attention-grabbing. We perform SEO and optimize each article and campaign. We leave no stone unturned.


Generating traffic for your Business. Whether you are Branding or Re-Branding or want a helping hand with Business Consultation, Cymru Marketing Journal is waiting to serve your needs.

Implementing strategies primarily use an application of ideas and procedures employed to analyze and predict consumer requirements and preferences, to gauge the feasibility of promotional strategies, and modify these to comply with the requirements of maximum consumer satisfaction, we have fine-tuned this to a tee.

Digital Marketing contributes to increasing sales, revenues, and profits, by providing insights into consumer behavior.

Search engine optimization (SEO) optimizing a website to help generate traffic to a website or a web page/landing page from search engines. SEO targets organic traffic rather than direct traffic (URL address) or paid traffic.

Content Writing delivers engaging informative well-researched content to help with ranking websites to maintain first positioning on search engine result pages (SERPS). Cymru Marketing Journal writes news-worthy articles relating to all businesses, as well as gives you guidance and valuable hints, and tips to generate more traffic and sales.


  1. Choosing the right domain name for your business and website.
  2. Creating keyword-enriched content.
  3. Creating Backlinks.
  4. Uploading the website to search engines.
  5. Optimizing the website to be found by humans as well as search engine bots.
  6. Setting up GEO targeting.
  7. Optimizing Social Media Pages.
  8. Creating SEO Link Wheels.
  9. Content Marketing (Including Video Marketing).
  10. Content Writing & Blog Posting.

SEO can be a lengthy process in which you will not get results overnight unless you plan to start with PPC advertising to give your website a boost. Ranking a new website can take anything from 12 to 18 months to get on the first page of Google. Do consider all your options including free classified ads and offline print advertising as well as media campaigns such as TV, Radio & Video Advertising.


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