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Industry A

Art Galleries, Artists, Accountants, Architects, Aerospace,  Agribusiness, Agricultural Services & Products, Agriculture, Architectural Services, Attorneys/Law Firms, Auto Dealers, 

Industry B

Bakers, Banks & Building, Societies, Barbers, Bars, Clubs & Restaurants, Beauticians, Books, Magazines & Newspapers,  Builders/General Contractors, Butchers, Builders/Residential Building Materials & Equipment, Building Contractors, Building Trade Unions, Business Services, Brokers,

Industry C

Cable & Satellite Services, Cafes, Cake Makers, Car Dealers, Casinos / Gambling, Chiropractors, Charities, Chemist, Churches, Cleaners, Clergy & Religious Organizations, Coffee, Colleges, Universities &Schools, Commercial Banks, Communications/Electronics, Computer Software, Concierge, Construction, Construction Services, Construction Unions, Couriers, Credit Unions, Credit Cards

Industry D

Dairy, Dentists, Doctors & Other Health Professionals, Driving Instructors,

Industry E

Electricians, Education, Equestrian, Electric Utilities, Electronics, Energy & Natural Resources, Entertainment Industry, Estate Agents,

Industry F

Fine Art, Finance / Credit Companies, Finance, Florists, Food & Beverage, Food Processing & Sales, Food Stores, Funding, Funeral Services,

Industry G

Gambling & Casinos, Gambling, General Contractors, Grocery Stores, Gyms,

Industry H

Hair Salons, Health, Health Professionals, Health Services/HMOs, Hedge Funds, Home Builders, Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Hospitality, Hotels, Motels & Tourism, Human Rights, Hospitality,

Industry I

Insurance, Internet, Innovation, IT,

Industry J


Industry L

Lawyers / Law Firms, Leisure, Logistics,

Industry M

Makeup Artists, Makeovers, Medical Supplies, Manufacturing & Distributing, Marketing, Men’s Clothing Retailers, Mortgage Bankers & Brokers, Music Production,

Industry N

Nail Art, Newsagents, Magazine & Book Publishing, Non-profits, Nursing Homes/Hospitals,

Industry O


Industry P

Pharmaceutical, Phone Companies, Photography Studios, Photographers, Photo Editing, Physicians & Other Health Professionals, Pond Solutions Maintenance, Post Offices, Power Utilities, Private Detectives, Private Equity & Investment Firms, Professional Sports, Sports Halls/Venues & Related Equipment & Services, Publishing & Printing,

Industry R

Recreation / Live Entertainment, Religious Organisations /Clergy, Restaurants & Drinking Establishments, Retail Sales, Retirement Homes,

Industry S

Solicitors, Savings & Loans, Schools/Education, Surveillance Security, Manned Security, Sports, Steel Production, Stock Brokers/Investment Industry, Student Loan Companies, Spas,

Industry T

Tattoo Artists, Takeaways, Taxis, Teachers/Education, Telecom Services & Equipment, Textiles, Therapists, Transportation, Travel Agents,

Industry V

Venture Capital, Veterinarian, Video Production & Editing, Virtual Assistants,

Industry W

Waste Management, Website Designers, Wine Bars,

 Wine Retailer, Wedding Venues, Wedding Planner, Women’s Clothing Retailers,

Advertising Options

(**Please note not all directories are priced the same way. Some directories like banking, law, and market research may have different pricing).

For All Other Categories, the Pricing Is As Follows:

  1. Basic Listing With A Backlink To Your Website, (No Content): £10.00 Per Month.
  2. Listing With Your Logo & Backlink: £30 per month per website (please choose the website you would like a banner ad featured on).
  3. Listing With Banner AD, Landing Page & Backlinks: £49.99 per month.
  4. Listing With Banner AD, Landing Page, Content Written By You, Shared On Social Media Groups & Pages & Backlinks: £59.99 per month.
  5. Listing With Banner AD, Landing Page, Content Written By Us, Shared On Social Media Groups & Pages & Backlinks: £79.99 per month.
  6. Content Writing & Digital Marketing Services: £99.99 per article, written by us.
  7. Your Banner on Focused Pages, there can only be one business from each category £99.99 per annum.

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