What is content writing? 

Content writing is the process of producing content, often for marketing purposes. Content Writing is often associated with things like blog posts and website landing pages, but it also can include networking, social media campaigns, and advertising. It can also include any form of content that requires planning, writing, and editing, this could include infographics, images, and videos. 

Content writers may be assigned a variety of tasks and will often write blog posts and web pages, create social media posts, email marketing, and even work on press releases and video or audio scripts. Content Writing is about creating content to capture the audience’s attention.

Content writers and copywriters must create something compelling, original, and ultimately well-written to engage the reader’s attention long enough to get the message across. Often the writer needs to write something that is either trending or has been written differently (spun). Sometimes the writer may have original content never written before which he/she then has to share with the world.


One of the fundamental marketing strategies is search engine optimization, which includes article writing and blog posting. Search engines rank websites higher and faster if they see regular content being updated that has not been copied (plagiarized) from other sites. The content needs to be original. The articles need to be enriched with meta tags and exact match searchable keywords and phrases so that businesses can be found online, quickly and easily. 

When creating great online content, the principles of  SEO should always play an important role, ensuring content writing is visible to those who will find it educating, compelling, entertaining, and informative. 

Brand awareness

By producing high-quality and informative content, one can establish brand awareness and help with global positioning.

Content Writing is about telling a story and helps with advertising your company, brand, product, or service. However, the content that is written also needs to be shared on social media platforms, pages, and groups and may also have to be advertised through online and offline methods. Content writing needs to inspire, educate and entertain.

Content that is shared reaches new people, raises awareness of your business’s brand, and expands your audience. Well-written content that targets specific keywords will captivate new people through search engine results. 

Types of content writing 

  • Blog Posts & Articles. Blog posts and article writing are often a central core of a strong content strategy. They can be used to communicate a variety of ideas related to the targeted industry or niche. Blogs are usually a way to build brand authority and awareness. 
  • Email Marketing. Email Marketing and Newsletters are essential when building a list. Email marketing allows content to be sent to subscriber’s inboxes daily or weekly. Email Marketing engages with your customers with a well-written email. It allows for your product or service to be seen with your customer database.
  • Social Media. Social channels require the advertiser to have a large network of connections to spread awareness otherwise PPC advertising is a fail-safe option to target people and communicate in and across a variety of different mediums. This style of writing generally needs to be succinct and stand out from the crowd. 
  • Advertising. Advertising can relate to several different mediums. It could take the form of pay-per-click advertising, editorial print or digital ads (banner ads). A good content writer needs to be able to tell a story and evoke emotions using only a few words. 
  • Product & Brand Content. Selling products and services requires a unique set of writing skills this could be in the form of press releases, video marketing, advertising, networking, and outbound marketing. This type of content writing could take the shape of editorial print to digital advertising, it also needs to focus on exact match searchable keywords and phrases as well as brand names and slogans.

What does a content writer do?

  1. Plan
  2. Research
  3. Write
  4. Edit
  5. Review

A content writer’s job is diverse. Content writers need to be meticulous in their writing skills and need to be able to show good spelling, grammar, punctuation, and tone of voice.

They need to lay out a plan and decide how and what they going to write about they also need to decide the length of the articles to fit the purpose of the content.

A content writer may have to get involved with planning the campaign, considering the scope and impact of a project, and the expected end result they are aiming to achieve. A content writer will have to also research the topic of discussion and the targeted keywords. They will have to create captivating attention-grabbing headlines to engage with the reader.

Depending on the industry, business, and scope of each project, some assignments may be a few hundred words, whilst others a couple of thousand or more. 

A content writer also needs to proofread their content before publication and may need to draft and edit several versions before the work can be published. This may take several hours or days to get the final draft ready.

Good content is ultimately the quality and accuracy of your work. It’s always beneficial to have a second (and sometimes third) set of eyes on the content before it gets published. In terms of SEO, it is fundamental to have original and refreshing content that search engine algorithms can crawl.

One also needs to be able to track metrics through data analytics to be able to see how the traffic is behaving and where it is coming from. A content writer also needs to have an element of SEO expertise to track and measure social media engagements, on a blog, organic traffic, and PPC conversion rates on ads, and click-through rates.

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