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The Best Staff Rota App

Connectteam Rota App
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The Best Staff Rota App Rota App: Streamlining Your Business Scheduling offers a cutting-edge Rota App that is designed to revolutionize how businesses manage their schedules, making it easier and more convenient than ever before. In the fast-paced world of modern business, efficient scheduling and workforce management are essential for success. Rota App: A Brief Overview

The Rota App is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of employee scheduling and workforce management. This app is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses across various industries, from retail and hospitality to healthcare and manufacturing.

Key Features of the ConnectTeam Rota App:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The app offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows managers to create, edit, and share schedules effortlessly.
  2. Automated Scheduling: ConnectTeam’s Rota App uses advanced algorithms to automatically generate schedules based on factors such as employee availability, skill sets, and labor laws, ensuring compliance and reducing scheduling conflicts.
  3. Real-Time Updates: Employees can access their schedules in real time, eliminating the need for printed schedules or manual updates. Any changes made by managers are instantly visible to the entire team.
  4. Time and Attendance Tracking: The app offers integrated time tracking, allowing employees to clock in and out directly from their smartphones. This feature ensures accurate payroll processing and minimizes time theft.
  5. Communication Tools: ConnectTeam’s Rota App includes built-in communication tools like messaging and notifications, enabling seamless communication between managers and employees.
  6. Compliance Management: The app helps businesses stay compliant with labor laws and regulations by monitoring working hours and overtime, ensuring that employees receive fair treatment.

Why Rota Apps Are the Best Solution for Your Business

  1. Efficiency and Productivity: Rota apps like ConnectTeam streamline scheduling processes, reducing the time and effort spent on manual scheduling. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity as managers can focus on other important tasks.
  2. Reduced Errors: Automated scheduling significantly reduces the chances of scheduling errors and conflicts, leading to a smoother and more organized work environment.
  3. Employee Satisfaction: Real-time access to schedules and the ability to request time off or swap shifts through the app improve employee satisfaction. It also helps ensure that employees have a better work-life balance.
  4. Cost Savings: Efficient scheduling and compliance management help businesses save money by reducing labor costs associated with overtime, as well as potential legal fines due to labor law violations.
  5. Adaptability: Rota apps allow businesses to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, such as unexpected staff shortages or surges in customer demand.
  6. Data-Driven Decisions: The data collected by Rota apps can be used to make informed decisions about staffing levels, optimize labor costs, and improve workforce management strategies.

How far in advance should retailers plan their rotas

The ideal planning horizon for retailers to schedule their rotas (work schedules) can vary depending on several factors, including the type of retail business, its specific needs, and local regulations.

However, there are some general guidelines to consider:

  1. 2-4 Weeks in Advance: Many retailers aim to plan their rotas at least 2-4 weeks in advance. This provides employees with sufficient notice of their work schedules, which can be especially important for those with other commitments, like second jobs or personal responsibilities.
  2. Monthly Planning: Some retailers prefer to plan rotas on a monthly basis. This approach offers a stable schedule for employees, making it easier for them to plan their lives outside of work.
  3. Seasonal Variations: Retailers often need to adjust their scheduling practices during peak seasons or holidays. During these times, it may be necessary to plan rotas further in advance to accommodate the increased demand and ensure adequate staffing levels.
  4. Agile Scheduling: In some retail environments, especially those with highly variable customer traffic, agile scheduling might be used. This involves planning rotas on shorter notice (e.g., weekly) to adapt to changing demand and optimize staffing levels.
  5. Legislative Requirements: Compliance with local labor laws and regulations is crucial. Some jurisdictions require a minimum advance notice period for work schedules, which could range from 2 weeks to even 4 weeks. Retailers must adhere to these legal requirements.
  6. Employee Preferences: Consider your employees’ preferences when planning rotas. Some may prefer to have their schedules further in advance, while others may appreciate more flexibility and short-term scheduling.
  7. Technology and Tools: Utilize scheduling software and tools, such as workforce management systems or scheduling apps, to efficiently plan and communicate schedules to employees. These tools can make it easier to plan and adjust rotas as needed.
  8. Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback loop with employees to gather input on scheduling preferences and concerns. This can help refine your scheduling practices and improve employee satisfaction.

When A Rota is Published A Few Days or A Week Before, What Does It Say About Management

When a work rota (schedule) is published only a few days or a week before it takes effect, it can indicate several things about management practices and the work environment.

Here are some possible implications:

  1. Reactive Management: Publishing schedules on such short notice may suggest that the management is reactive rather than proactive. They might be making scheduling decisions based on immediate needs rather than having a well-thought-out plan in advance.
  2. Poor Planning: It could indicate a lack of long-term workforce planning or insufficient forecasting of staffing needs. This can result in frequent last-minute changes to schedules, which can be disruptive for employees.
  3. Communication Issues: Short-notice scheduling can be a sign of poor communication between management and employees. It may indicate that management is not effectively communicating the schedule or considering employees’ preferences and availability.
  4. Employee Discontent: Consistently short-notice schedules can lead to employee dissatisfaction and stress. It can make it challenging for employees to balance work with personal life, plan childcare, or maintain a second job.
  5. High Turnover: Frequent schedule changes and short notice can contribute to higher employee turnover rates. Employees may seek more stable and predictable work environments elsewhere.
  6. Compliance Concerns: Depending on local labor laws and regulations, short-notice scheduling might raise compliance issues. Some jurisdictions require employers to provide a minimum advance notice of work schedules to employees.
  7. Resource Allocation: Short-notice scheduling may indicate that the business is not effectively allocating its resources or optimizing its workforce. This can impact productivity and profitability.
  8. Emergency Situations: In some cases, last-minute scheduling changes may be unavoidable due to emergencies or unexpected circumstances. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence, it may indicate a lack of contingency planning.
  9. Employee Engagement: Short-notice schedules can hinder employee engagement and morale. When employees have limited control over their work schedules, they may become disengaged and less committed to their jobs.
  10. Technology and Tools: It’s possible that the management lacks the necessary scheduling tools or technology to plan and communicate schedules efficiently. Implementing scheduling software or workforce management systems could help improve the scheduling process.


Rota apps like Rota App provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their scheduling and workforce management processes. They offer a wide range of features that not only save time and money but also enhance employee satisfaction and ensure compliance with labor regulations. If you’re looking for a competitive edge in managing your business operations, consider implementing a Rota app to revolutionize your scheduling practices.

Ultimately, the right planning horizon for retail rotas should strike a balance between meeting business needs and ensuring that employees have adequate notice and predictability in their work schedules. It’s important for retailers to consider the unique characteristics of their industry, workforce, and local regulations when determining the most appropriate scheduling timeframe. Regularly reviewing and adjusting scheduling practices based on feedback and changing circumstances is also crucial for effective workforce management in the retail sector.

In summary, when a rota is consistently published with short notice, it often reflects management practices that may need improvement. It can negatively impact employee satisfaction, retention, and overall operational efficiency. Effective workforce planning, communication, and compliance with labor laws are essential elements in ensuring a positive work environment and scheduling practices that benefit both the business and its employees.

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Cymru Marketing Logo Default Startup Startup.

I am pleased to announce a new start-up on the market offering a portal for employers to post jobs and for developers seeking work.

This start-up offers businesses a platform to advertise job listings for app developers and to find work.

‘App Developers Jobs’ carefully approves each applicant before they have an active listing.

Developers who have portfolios may need a helping hand with marketing and businesses looking for developers or offering job vacancies can find the relevant data all in one place.

‘App Developers Jobs’ markets and advertises both businesses posting projects and developers looking for work.

A business after choosing the type of app they want to have developed will look for reliable partners to work with.

The key thing here is to find people for long-lasting cooperation.

Developing an app needs careful planning, it often requires at least two people: one developer and one designer.

Apps usually require knowledge of a few programming languages, not just talking about the design. Therefore, you need to find a developer that has knowledge of design and development as well as SEO.

Looking for a dev team or a partner.

Depending on your budget if you are aiming at creating a serious app business, working with an app development company would be the best choice. This essentially offers you some benefits like a good team, long-time support, experienced programmers, etc.

Development companies may eventually become your partners so that you’ll get not only your apps but also a helping hand in your business. A developer company that can offer, design, development, programming, SEO, marketing, and advertising is worth its weight in gold.

Do head over to ‘App Developers Jobs’ to advertise a vacancy, hire developers or advertise your business.

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Horse Racing Betting Industry Marketing Strategies

Horse.Racing Domain Names & Licenses For Sale.

Horse Racing Betting Industry Marketing Strategies To Help Get More Punters.

Horse Racing has been deemed as a sport for the wealthy with millionaires, billionaires, and Royalty making a flutter or two but also investing in thoroughbred breeding, racing their horses on events like Ascot, Aintree to name a few.

However, it is also well known that it is also a popular sport amongst middle-aged people. For the younger generation, horse racing is a dying sport among Millenials, according to a sports analyst. Millennials are more interested in making bets on football and other sports.

It has been noticed that attendance has decreased over the years on race day and the customer base is aging. Horse racing has always attracted a mature crowd and is now seeking a younger and broader audience.

The future of the racing industry will increasingly depend on turning Millenials into customers. To market the future for the game, the next generation of race-goers must be educated to enjoy the horse racing experience in a fun and easy to understand way and this will be done is through mobile apps and e-gaming sites.

Digital marketing in the horse racing betting industry is an effective Millennial strategy. Where marketing has different resources, the best way is to expand the SEO link wheel and secure online global positioning. This could mean setting up websites/apps for targeted audiences in different GEO locations using exact match searchable keywords and keyphrases.

Millennials, the new generation of horse racing enthusiasts are young, tech-savvy, and exposed to a wide variety of digital options. They have limited race experience and basic knowledge and understanding of handicapping

Mobile Apps and e-gaming sites will help to entice the younger audience, through advertising and marketing, enabling and encouraging new and current race-goers to share the thrills of horse racing with friends and family will make the strategy effective.

Sites that have forums with a large follower base in the horse racing betting industry help to spread awareness of the business, brand, as well as social media groups and pages. Marketing Agencies should help the business and brand build a large network of followers using similar strategies as below:

  1. Secure all the horse racing domain names to dominate the worldwide market.
  2. Build an App, perform SEO and marketing.
  3. Build an online gaming website, perform SEO and Marketing.
  4. Join Social Media Groups and Pages and start interacting.
  5. Build your own forum and get horse racing enthusiasts to network.
  6. Spread awareness, start a podcast, talk about your company, conduct interviews with people that are making the news in the same industry as you.
  7. Connect with influencers or start your own Vlog and set up your own YouTube Channel.
  8. Consider Video Marketing, design your own videos or hire an agency.
  9. Start a Blog and write regular content. Do make sure the domain name has the exact match searchable keywords and keyphrases.
  10. Get backlinks.
  11. Get Like for Likes on social media groups and pages.
  12. Guest blog on other blogs or comment on their articles.
  13. Network with other businesses, LinkedIn is a good place to start and if you have networking events in your area consider going to one or two and start making acquaintances. Rubbing shoulders with other business owners helps to spread awareness.
  14. Make use of all your social media platforms. Create business pages and join groups and like, comment and share your blog posts and interact with other business owners, don’t forget to use hashtags.
  15. Join Business Forums and interact.
  16. Set up a (chat) on your website and blogs so that you can interact with your visitors ( is free). Remember to have the chat bot on during office hours.
  17. Share Banner Ads on Social Media, Platforms, Pages and Groups(if permitted, please read terms and conditions of website policies first).
  18. Advertise in Business Directories (if permitted, please read terms and conditions of website policies first).
  19. Advertise on Classified Ads (if permitted, please read terms and conditions of website policies first ).
  20. Interact with local communities, some have websites (Quora, Reddit) aswell as Facebook groups that focus about news articles in your industry.
  21. Offer to advertise other peoples businesses, products and service on your site. This creates backlinks.
  22. They say the money is in the list, set up a newsletter and send out information to your contacts. Offer incentives to get people to sign up to your newsletters.
  23. Pay people to advertise your business through companies such as ‘Clickbank’ ‘Rakuten Linkshare’, ‘Shareasale’.
  24. Write an ebook that you can offer your customers in exchange for their email.
  25. Set up an events such as a conference, auction, or networing seminar.
  26. Sponsor an event, this could mean you may have to either pay/donate or offer your services for free. This will give exposure to your company and your brand.
  27. Partner with a similar businesses, offer your products and services at a discounted price and ask them to do the same in exchange.
  28. Public Relations – make an announcement on PR Agency websites where journalist can write about you.
  29. Create a Google Business Page and update regularly just like you would a blog (Read Google Terms about advertising gambling sites).
  30. Set up a contest/competition.
  31. Offer Discounts and Incentives to all you current and prospective clients.
  32. Upsell to your existing clients.
  33. Offer Free Trials and Demos.
  34. Wear your insignia and get your employees to wear branded apparel.
  35. Send out compimetary useful merchandise with your company logo, website and telephone number.
  36. Ask for referrals, offer you clients incentives that if they refer you, you will give them something in return, it could be a product, service or discount.
  37. Get your family and friends to spread the word.
  38. Consider leaflet drops to businesses or homes depending on the industry you are in (Please check out the legalities before spending money printing).
  39. Sell a course online to educate people in your industry.
  40. Sell merchandise with your company name.
  41. Set up a Wikipedia page.
  42. Set up a Crunchbase profile.
  43. Pitch your business to angel investors, private equity firms to raise funding and spread awareness. Angel investors may put you in touch with some of their contacts if they think your business is viable, in exchange for a commission on every introduction.
  44. Set up a squeeze page using click funnels to your offer (Read Google advertising gambling terms before proceeding)..
  45. Consider advertising your busness on other sites (rate card advertising prices will apply).
  46. Start following people and businesses in your niche on Instagram and interact with their posts.
  47. Newspaper Ads (Terms & Conditions Permitting).
  48. Editorial Publication Ad Campaign (Terms & Conditions Permitting).
  49. Guerilla Marketing, do something outlandish but first get permission from the local council and the police.
  50. Promotional giveaways, you can do this digitally or can set up a physical stall, you can giveaway products and services (do get permission first if you plan to do it in a public place or read the advertising policies about gambling sites on search engines).
  51. Make the most of trade shows by either networking or setting up a stand an expo.
  52. Billboard advertising is another way to attract business, such as bus stops and on sides of buildings (Research if this is possible as some counties may not permit this type of advertising).
  53. Advertise on Publish Transport on the side of buses and taxis (Research if this is possible as some counties may not permit this type of advertising)..
  54. Send your products and services to influencers and celebrities and ask them to endorse your brand.
  55. Advertise your business on Black Cabs if you are in the UK and Yellow Cabs in the States(Research if this is possible as some counties may not permit this type of advertising). .
  56. TV & Radio Advertising (Research if this is possible as some counties may not permit this type of advertising). .
  57. Help non profit organisations by donating or marketing, either way the charities will advertise you.
  58. Go physically into businesses that are in the same niche as yours, stables is a good place to start.
  59. Contact horse breeders.
  60. Contact horse syndicates to see if they will partner with you.
  61. Ask businesses if they would like free exposure to their products and services and display, their merchandise in your establishment, moreover they may also do the same for you.
  62. Go to cafes and grocery stores where they have message boards and display your information, or if you are more high end, visit hospitality venues and advertise your products and services there (Research if this is possible as some counties may not permit this type of advertising). Give them incentives to market your business such as an exclusive discount and mention their name in the print.
  63. Start a directory of businesses in your niche and offer both free and paid listings. When constructing the directory contact each business owner and tell them they have a free listing. This will give you the opportunity to explain who you are and offer them more exposure with more prominent paid advertising. Instead of waiting for the mountain to come to Mohammed, get Mohammed to go to the mountain.

Young punters embrace online and mobile app platforms. Horse racing betting is being driven by the convenience of mobile devices today. Addiction to mobile devices is a regular component of the modern marketing era.

Horse racing sites should focus their attention on mobile betting platforms and expect more than 50% of their revenues to come from mobile channels. Online betting is influenced by user experience, quality of the game, and regular discounts.

Within the horse betting market, most of the search volumes come from the following exact match searchable keywords and keyphrases and domain names:,, betting, online betting, betting site, betting online, free bets,  betting websites, and online betting sites. Online betting sites must be optimized for these keyphrases.

Innovative digital marketing and return on investment from online platforms can be achieved by using the right technology. After educating the Millenials about every aspect of the horse racing experience, marketing agencies must encourage them to share the thrills with the new digital tools.

The type of content typically is posted on social media accounts includes sports news, betting insights, predictions, updates on live games, betting odds and tips, post-match reviews, and other interesting stories.

Racecourse digital marketing should be maintained by targeting key customers segments such as horse lovers, punters, social media influencers, tourists, and corporates in the GEO locations. However, to dominate the market marketers need to build SEO link wheels and target audiences by the country of origin. The more countries they target the bigger their network will become and the lucky company will have World Domination.

Marketing agencies can use their social media pages to entice customers by sharing stories, photos, and videos of fans, horses, jockeys, celebrities, and events. It can also be used to provide educational information, promotion, contest, and rewards. Post interesting content regularly to keep fans and followers aware and engaged.

Microblogging and video blogging have the potential to rank well in organic search engines mainly because of the power of YouTube. It is a good idea to set up your own Horse Racing Betting Channel and post horse racing videos. You can also consider a blog (the domain name/blog is for sale) to attract current fans, new race-goers who would benefit from the educational content. Daily blog visits are a great website traffic driver. Creating consistent good content, newsworthy articles on a regular basis can increase web traffic and web conversion. If you struggling to get content do consider RSS Feeds or hire a content writer. Most marketing agencies offer this service to write blog posts on a regular basis. A blog can also serve as content for social media posts as well as a teaser for an email marketing campaign.

Digital marketing in the horse racing betting industry must be aimed at the younger generation at the acquisition of new customers, retention of current users, winning back of past customers, increasing the number of website traffic, and increasing conversion rate.

Digital marketing strategies are important not only to attract a high volume of web traffic but to convert visitors into paying customers (punters). There is a big opportunity for marketers to target effective solutions and optimize the results offered by digital media.

World’s largest horse racing domain names and licenses for sale.

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If you have any questions or wish to discuss the portfolio of domain names in the above link and horse racing licenses please contact us using the form below:

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Building Social Media Platforms.


I get it no two social media platforms are the same as each other and each cater for different needs. Instagram for Videos and Images, Facebook for your family and friends and LinkedIn for Business.

However even though some of these social media platforms are personal they also have a serious side too and you can advertise on pretty much every platform out there.

However for me and this is the one I primarily use other than Facebook Business pages and maybe on the odd occasion hanging out with my family I have no other use for any of the platforms other than LinkedIn. I rarely tweet I am more about posting articles as you are limited to how much text you can use on Twitter. Besides I have a large following on LinkedIn more so than any other social media platform out there. I would not call myself an influencer as influencers have hundreds of thousands followers compared to me. You never know may be one day I will be just as popular, who knows?

So what annoys me is that the developers do not take into consideration if you make a post on LinkedIn and later want to change the image good luck trying.

Ok I understand that sometimes not everything is possible but one needs to look at what the customer wants. To my annoyance and frustration a post I made today I had to take down on LinkedIn because I wanted to change the image but could not for love or money.

The other pet peeve I have with this platform is they do not have a good variety of emojis, six to be exact. What happens if you disagree why is there no thumbs down or if your angry an angry emoji? (I rarely get angry but do get passionate about debates). So the only other way to add an expression is if you access the platform via the app on your phone and through your keyboard hit the emoji to suit, which is effort some of the time.

Now I can build apps and may actually launch one in future which I have semi developed for a local community and business directory its in beta stage at the moment.

Lots of ideas and lots of opportunities, waiting to happen.

Stay Safe Everyone.