Gene Therapy Start-Up Tessera Therapeutics

Country: USA | Funding: $531.8M
Tessera Therapeutics is pioneering Gene Writing – a new genome engineering technology that writes therapeutic messages into the genome to treat diseases at their source.

Tessera Therapeutics | A Flagship Pioneering Company

Who Are Tessera Therapeutics?

Gene therapy is a rapidly evolving field that aims to treat genetic disorders by introducing therapeutic genes into a patient’s cells. Tessera Therapeutics is a start-up that is at the forefront of this field, developing innovative gene editing and delivery technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the way we treat genetic diseases.

Founded in 2019, Tessera Therapeutics is a spin-out from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, a world-renowned research institution that has made significant contributions to the field of genomics. The company is led by Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey von Maltzahn, a serial entrepreneur with a background in biotechnology and engineering.

Tessera’s approach to gene therapy is based on a novel technology called Gene Writing™, which is designed to precisely edit the genome to introduce therapeutic genes into specific cells or tissues. This technology involves the use of a programmable DNA-binding protein called a transcription activator-like effector (TALE), which can be customized to target specific sequences of DNA.

The Gene Writing™ technology is highly versatile, allowing Tessera to develop therapies for a wide range of genetic disorders, including those that are caused by single-gene mutations or more complex genetic changes. The company is currently focused on developing therapies for rare diseases, where there is a high unmet medical need and a limited number of treatment options.

Tessera’s Gene Writing™ technology is complemented by its proprietary platform for gene delivery, which is based on a class of viruses called adeno-associated viruses (AAVs). AAVs are naturally occurring viruses that are widely used in gene therapy because they are safe, non-pathogenic, and have the ability to infect a wide range of cell types.

Tessera has developed a suite of AAV vectors that are optimized for specific tissues or organs, allowing the company to target different parts of the body with precision. This platform has the potential to overcome some of the challenges associated with gene therapy, such as off-target effects, immune reactions, and limited tissue penetration.

One of the key advantages of Tessera’s approach is its ability to edit genes in vivo, meaning that the therapy can be delivered directly to the patient without the need for ex vivo manipulation of cells. This could greatly simplify the process of gene therapy and reduce the cost and complexity of treatment.

Tessera’s Gene Writing™ technology and AAV platform are still in the early stages of development, but the company has already made significant progress in bringing its therapies to the clinic. In December 2020, Tessera announced a collaboration with Biogen to develop gene therapies for neurological diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

The collaboration with Biogen provides Tessera with significant financial resources and expertise in clinical development and regulatory affairs, which will be critical for advancing its therapies through clinical trials and toward commercialization. Tessera also recently announced a $230 million Series B funding round, which will support the company’s continued growth and expansion.

In summary, Tessera Therapeutics is a promising start-up that is using innovative gene editing and delivery technologies to develop therapies for genetic diseases. Its Gene Writing™ technology and AAV platform have the potential to overcome some of the limitations of existing gene therapies and provide a new approach to treating rare diseases. With the support of Biogen and other investors, Tessera is well-positioned to advance its therapies through clinical development and towards commercialization, bringing hope to patients with genetic disorders.

How does Tessera Therapeutics Market their Business?

As a biotech startup, Tessera Therapeutics primarily markets its business to investors, potential partners, and the scientific community. The company’s marketing efforts focus on highlighting its innovative gene editing and delivery technologies, as well as its strong scientific team and partnerships.

Tessera’s website serves as a primary marketing tool, providing information about the company’s technology platform, the pipeline of therapies, and scientific publications. The website also features news and press releases highlighting the company’s latest developments, collaborations, and funding rounds.

In addition to its website, Tessera uses social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, to share news and updates with a wider audience. The company also attends scientific conferences and events to showcase its technology and network with potential partners and investors.

One of Tessera’s most significant marketing efforts to date has been its collaboration with Biogen, a leading biopharmaceutical company. The partnership not only provides Tessera with significant financial resources but also increases the company’s visibility within the industry and demonstrates the potential of its technology.

Overall, Tessera’s marketing strategy is focused on building awareness and credibility within the scientific community and attracting investors and partners who share the company’s vision of using gene editing and delivery technologies to transform the treatment of genetic diseases.


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