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Business or Travel

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Personal Travel Tips.

On the other hand, you could be someone contemplating their next vacation and are wanting to weigh up the pros and cons of chartering a private yacht then this article is for you, and if you are wondering, yes, we are affiliated with “Oceanscape”.


Yacht Charter versus Cruise Ship

If you are anything like me and do not like crowds you may want to consider traveling in a way that will avoid bumping into people. Sailing on a private boat is basically you, your friends, family, and the crew members.

With lockdown restrictions and travel, bans lifted, people are starting to plan vacations. With over two years of disruption slowly fading to the background, we want to see even more people change their vacations by setting sail on a new way to travel with loved ones. Perhaps this is the year you decide life is for living and we need to make the most of it, encapsulating forever memories that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Booking a private charter gives you and your family/friends peace of mind. You will get the following knowing you are in safe hands.

  • Global access to private, vetted yachts reserved for just you and your guests
  • Endless options for land and water excursions
  • Highly trained and knowledgeable captain and crew on every yacht
  • A personal chef to prepare your meals while onboard
  • A personal travel concierge to make trip planning a breeze
  • Transparent, easy-to-understand pricing with no hidden fees
  • A welcome gift basket upon embarkation

If you’re looking for a different way to travel, away from crowds, with the impeccable crew, with the highest levels of cleanliness, and a new place to anchor every night, then the private charter is for you!

Yacht charters differ so much from being on a cruise ship, they are luxury at your fingertips. You have all the freedom you want, control of where you go with fantastic destinations to visit. Not only this you have a wonderful onboard service, delightful dining, and lots of different activities. To top it all you can have a bespoke vacation with your own itinerary.

Lots of freedom and control

Onboard a luxury charter, the yacht for the entire time you’re onboard is yours. You decide where you want to sail to, where you anchor including the daily schedule. Your captain will advise you on the best places to visit and the best things to do throughout your journey.

A cruise ship excursion on the other hand is pre-planned with itineraries that you need to follow. You also have to be back at the yacht at set times to avoid being stranded on the shore.

When you book a private charter sailing vacation you have lots of freedom and control. No itinerary has to be strictly adhered to and your day is your own. If you fancy sleeping in, taking a late breakfast in your cabin then anchoring at a beautiful beach somewhere then the world is your oyster.

Plenty of privacy

Because your vacation is completely private and your fellow guests have been chosen by you and you alone, you can rest assured you have the safety and security paramount for the duration of your vacation. If for example, you are on an ordinary cruise ship you may have to take additional security precautions seeing as a ship of that size can hold up to 3000 passengers which can make privacy more difficult, but with a private charter, you can travel in confidence that only you and your guests have access to your yacht. Furthermore, a friendly crew will always go that extra mile to make sure everyone has the best holiday ever.

For charterers who aren’t too keen on crowds, hustle and bustle of having to socialize with strangers, a private yacht charter is definitely the better option.

Gourmet dining

Because you choose a private charter you will decide what you and your guests prefer to eat. There are no set menus like the ones on cruise ships, where you would have to dine in huge dining halls, served at specific times, not only this the menus are pre-set not to everyone’s taste palette. On a private yacht charter before setting sail a professional gourmet chef will ask which types of food you like, drinks you prefer, and if you have any dietary requirements. All meals are tailor-made to suit your preference and served on request.

A yacht charter on the other hand gives you the freedom and choice to eat al fresco either onboard or in an onshore restaurant of your choice.

Service and the crew

The crew members go above and beyond your expectations, they will ensure your vacation is as comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. The more than capable crew are trained to offer 5-star service. The crew are at your beck and call any time of the day or night.

In comparison unlike a private yacht charter, a cruise ship usually has less than half the crew to passengers ratio. This means a personal service is much less likely. Individual crew members will literally have hundreds of guests each to keep happy, a virtually impossible task.

Water sports and activities on board

Water sports and activities Cruise ships vs Private Charter. Although cruise ships offer snorkeling and scuba diving itineraries you may have to pay extra to enjoy these activities. On the flip side, most water sports activities are already included in the price of your charter and are equipped with all the latest water toys.

Also swimming in a private pool on a private yacht is luxury compared to swimming in communal pools on cruise ships which are free to use however the length of time you spend in the pool may have a time limit.

Safety precautions

The advantages of chartering a private yacht are kept you and your guests safe. Getting on and off a private yacht charter is certainly safer than embarking on a cruise ship. A private yacht is just that, private with only friends or family on board. You can be sure there’s no one getting on the yacht who may harm you, spread an unwanted disease, or ruin the entire vacation. With cruise ships, if someone falls ill, infection will spread easily and it is more difficult to control and quarantine. However, on a private charter, you know everyone that comes on board is in good health, although if someone should fall ill there is a professional highly qualified crew onboard trained to international standards on standby.

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