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Advantages Of Outsourcing with Fiverr.com

Knowing the benefits of outsourcing with Fiverr.com will help you decide if this is something that could work for your business.

You Save Yourself Money Paying a Wage.

When you employ someone you have obligations to pay them even though you may not have much work. You essentially are siphoning your profits to keep a person in a job. You have to find work for them, whereas with outsourcing you pay for a completed assignment. You also set a time frame you want the job to be completed. An employee may take their time and should they fall ill you still have to pay them sick pay. You also have to pay an employee a wage whilst they are being trained.

Access To A Larger Talent Pool

When employing someone they may be skilled in one field and may not be able to complete the tasks set out as they may need to learn. Companies find that outsourcing gives them access to multi-talents in other parts of the world at the fraction of the price of paying a wage. A company may need to employ several people to do certain jobs which takes its toll on their profits, whereas outsourcing you pay for an assignment without any further obligations.

Lower Labor Cost

Every company has its own reason for outsourcing, with many cost-cutting, yet don’t want to compromise quality for the price, but outsourcing often allows you to get the best of both worlds. Where you may find a cheap website designer for example, sometimes you get what you pay for. For example, if a website designer offers to build a website for really cheap you have to pose the question does that include SEO and marketing? because in most cases it does not and all you will end up with is a website that floats in cyberspace.

Lack Of Control

If you give a contractor too much information like the name of your client, you can run the risk that the contractor contacting your client directly running the risk of avoiding paying the middleman/woman (you). In all cases, I suggest giving as little information as you can about your client to the person you hire, although sometimes it is unavoidable if say you hire a photographer or website designer, who would know who your client is. (This actually did happen to me once when I outsourced my work to a couple of photographers who did a job and sold photographs that technically belonged to me as I had employed them to do the work. I found out a few years later when the information was slipped out by accident and there was little I could do about it).

Communication Issues

When outsourcing especially from abroad, you may run the risk of communication problems that do not fit within your business hours due to different time zones. You need to set an amicable time for the job to be completed and establish the best form of communication so that you can access the person should you need to communicate to change the assignment and discuss the job in question. Normally freelancers on Fiverr advertise because they are actively looking for work. You can choose the skills from a wide variety of specialist services. It is worth noting the jobs the person has completed and also the reviews he/she has got. It makes sense that someone advertising on Fiverr will have a reliable internet connection.

Problems With Quality

Before hiring a freelancer do your due diligence and assess how many jobs they have done and how quickly. Also, read the reviews before making your final decision to hire them. Communicate from the start and ask them if they have any reason to believe your job could be delayed, such as exams, attending events, or ill-health. Despite all the benefits of outsourcing, it is only a good thing if you’re receiving the quality you expect. Ask to see examples of their past work upfront. Ask for their social media to see if they are genuine. Most people have social media accounts and some even advertise on their business pages. A professional will have a combination of a website, landing page, and social media business page. I would avoid people who have little or no carbon footprint.

Impact On Company Culture

If you are a business owner, that has employees, outsourcing work could look like you are stepping on your employee’s toes. You may make them feel inadequate and possibly lose trustworthiness if it looks like you cannot assign the work to your staff. They may feel you have lost faith in them and that you are slowly going to push them out. You could essentially upset employees as they may feel they are being replaced. Your employees could get confused about why you are outsourcing particular tasks.

As a business owner, you have to be upfront and honest with your employees. If you feel that the daily workflow could be improved if you outsourced the work then by all means go down this route but first give your employees the opportunity to help and if they can complete the task without you outsourcing the work all well and good but if they can’t, then you have outsourcing as an option.

For startups that do not want to be committed to paying a weekly wage, paying for completed assignments may be the best strategy, keeping costs down. Hower the only pitfall with outsourcing you may not have the option to choose the location of the freelancer. Sometimes you need to partner with someone local in order to pay them a commission to complete a task as in the case of someone that physically needs to do a job but in your vicinity.

When choosing a freelancer on Fiverr, not all jobs are a Fiverr so you need to take that into consideration. Always read the reviews before deciding to hire someone and communicate them upfront to get all the nitty-gritty out of the way.

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