UK’s PM warns that Britain is ‘ready for conflict’ against Russia amid ‘growing international volatility’

Sunak warns the UK is now ‘ready for conflict’ against Russia amid ‘growing international volatility’ – London Business News |

Wallace warns ‘war is coming’ as Putin to send apocalyptic Satan 2 nuclear capable missiles into combat – London Business News |

** Disclaimer** I have purposely turned my notifications off because of the impending catastrophe waiting to happen and the repercussions of my mental health having to worry, will Britain get through this? It was only because a client of mine in Serbia emailed me he is worried that I decided to have a look. According to the headline written by LLB Political Reporter (no name), he claims Sunak has warned Britain. For those that do not read national papers and perhaps do not have internet access, he has not done a good job of warning Britain. I understand putting this in mainstream media may cause a moral panic, but at least tell people to stock up on survival equipment and tinned food. Hopefully, we will not need any of this but it is better to be safe than sorry: 75 Emergency Supplies List You Should Always Stock at Home (


The Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak and now Prime Minister has warned that the United Kingdom is now “ready for conflict” against Russia amid “growing international volatility.” The warning comes as tensions between the two countries have been escalating in recent years, with Russia accused of various acts of aggression against the UK and its allies.

In a speech delivered at the annual Lord Mayor’s Banquet in London, Sunak said that the UK must be prepared to “act decisively” to protect its interests and those of its allies. He warned that “we cannot ignore the threat posed by Russia,” adding that “our adversaries are using a range of tactics to undermine our security and prosperity.”

Sunak’s remarks come as the UK has been increasingly vocal in its criticism of Russia’s actions on the world stage. In recent years, Russia has been accused of interfering in the 2016 US presidential election, carrying out cyberattacks against a number of countries, and violating the sovereignty of Ukraine.

The UK has also accused Russia of being behind the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury in 2018. The incident led to a major diplomatic row between the UK and Russia, with both countries expelling each other’s diplomats.

Sunak’s warning reflects growing concern among Western countries about Russia’s increasing assertiveness on the world stage. The country has been investing heavily in its military capabilities in recent years and has also been accused of using disinformation and propaganda to undermine Western democracies.

However, while the UK has been vocal in its criticism of Russia, it remains to be seen what concrete action it will take to counter the threat posed by the country. The UK has traditionally been a key player in NATO, the military alliance of Western countries, and has also maintained close ties with the United States.

It is possible that the UK will seek to take a more assertive stance against Russia in the coming years, particularly if tensions continue to escalate. However, any such action would need to be carefully calibrated to avoid a direct military confrontation, which could have catastrophic consequences for both countries and the wider world.

In the meantime, Sunak’s warning serves as a reminder of the growing tensions between the UK and Russia, and the need for Western countries to remain vigilant and prepared to act to protect the nation.

Do world leaders not care about killing people in war

War is an unfortunate reality that has existed for centuries, and with it comes the unfortunate reality of casualties. In modern times, war has evolved to become more lethal and devastating, resulting in the deaths of countless civilians and soldiers alike. Despite the tragic consequences of war, world leaders continue to engage in armed conflicts without much regard for the lives of those caught in the crossfire.

One of the reasons why world leaders seem to be indifferent to the loss of life in war is the dehumanization of the enemy. In most cases, leaders tend to depict the opposing side as evil and inhumane, making it easier to justify the use of force. This portrayal of the enemy as sub-human makes it easier for soldiers to kill without remorse and for civilians to support their country’s actions, even if it means the deaths of innocent people.

Another reason why world leaders seem to be apathetic towards the loss of life in war is the idea of “collateral damage.” Collateral damage refers to the unintentional harm caused to civilians or their property during military operations. While world leaders often express regret for civilian deaths, they tend to downplay the severity of the situation, arguing that the deaths were a regrettable but necessary consequence of war.

Moreover, the idea of national interest plays a significant role in justifying the use of force. Many world leaders argue that war is necessary

However, it is important to recognize that decisions regarding war and military action are often complex and involve a range of factors such as geopolitical interests, security concerns, and humanitarian considerations. While some leaders may believe that military action is necessary for the greater good, others may have different motives or be influenced by external pressures. Additionally, the impact of these decisions on innocent civilians is often a tragic consequence that cannot be overlooked. It is important for leaders to consider the consequences of their actions and make decisions that prioritize the safety and well-being of all individuals involved.

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Final Notes From The Editor

“I pray to God and to the Universe, that WWIII will not happen and that Britain will be safe”.

I am protecting my mental health by avoiding reading too much into this.

Obviously, stock up on necessities, there is no point in panic buying but do the odd shop from time to time and tick off the list of things you may need. 75 Emergency Supplies List You Should Always Stock at Home (

There is no harm in being precautious!

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