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Bad Reviews about Companies or Organisations. All reviews will be investigated by us first before they are published.

Asda Cardiff Bay & Deliveroo 21/03/23 No-Show Delivery – Bad Review

Asda Cardiff Bay & Deliveroo 21/03/23 No-Show Delivery – Bad Review

Today I placed an order with Deliveroo at 11.43 hours, within two hours of waiting I saw 5 riders arrive, wait, and come and go. I wasted over two hours of my time waiting. Not only this it was a waste of time for the 5 riders and petrol as not all riders deliver on bikes, plus the carbon emissions.

Deliveroo who was talking with the last rider at 13.58, stated that no one was coming out with my order and when the rider found a member of staff they said there was no order for me and that it should have been canceled at the time I placed it.

Let me explain about the store, they are one the largest supermarkets in Cardiff, so for items to be out of stock is unusual.

About Asda Cardiff Bay Wales

Asda Cardiff Bay in Wales is a popular shopping destination for locals and visitors alike. This branch of the British supermarket chain is located in the heart of Cardiff Bay, one of the city’s most vibrant and attractive areas. Asda Cardiff Bay also works closely with local suppliers to source fresh produce and other items, helping to support the Welsh economy.

In addition to its grocery offerings, Asda Cardiff Bay has a number of other departments, including a pharmacy, opticians, and a photo center. The pharmacy offers a range of prescription medications, as well as over-the-counter remedies and health and wellness products.

Asda Cardiff Bay also offers a number of services to make shopping easier and more convenient. For example, customers can order groceries online and have them delivered straight to their doorstep. There is also a Click & Collect service, which allows customers to order online and then pick up their items in-store at a time that is convenient for them.

About Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a food delivery company that was founded in London, UK in 2013. It has since expanded to operate in over 200 cities across 12 countries, including Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and the United Kingdom. The company’s mission is to revolutionize the way people eat by connecting them with their favorite local restaurants and enabling them to order food quickly and conveniently.

Deliveroo offers a platform where customers can order food from their favorite local restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep. Customers can place orders using the Deliveroo website or mobile app, and the company’s delivery riders, known as ‘Roos’, pick up and deliver the orders. The company operates on a fee-based model, taking a percentage of the order value as commission from the restaurant, while customers pay a delivery fee.

Deliveroo focuses on technology. The company has developed an advanced algorithm that predicts which restaurants will be the most popular at any given time, allowing the platform to optimize its delivery routes and reduce delivery times.

The company has also invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, allowing it to provide personalized recommendations to customers based on their previous orders and preferences.

However, Deliveroo has also faced criticism from some quarters, particularly from workers’ rights groups who argue that the company’s riders are not classified as employees and therefore do not receive the same protections and benefits as traditional employees. The company has also been accused of using an exploitative business model that leaves riders underpaid and overworked.

Deliveroo should charge a membership subscription fee to the restaurants as well as a commission for each order without charging the customer for service & delivery fees. The restaurant/grocery store should also be charged by Deliverro if they cancel the orders without notifying Deliveroo or the Customer.

My Personal Interaction with Deliveroo

It was on my last call with Deliveroo that I lost it. This is not the first time I have had to wait over two hours from the time I placed my order for them to have the order canceled.

Deliveroo over 3-hour wait time. | iRENATA.COM – RENATA ENTREPRENEUR

I tried phoning the Asda store and a robot spoke giving me options to press 1,2,3 for XYZ, and finally cut me off. Deliveroo also could not get hold of the store. With profits, these grocery companies make you would think they could afford humans to answer their phones. If you are providing a service and it is not being met to the standards that customers are accustomed to, do not bother providing the service at all.

It was nothing to do with my order as I had stipulated if there were items missing cancel the whole order, but Asda accepted the order without canceling and did not update the system where I was put in limbo.

I have a disability and do not need stress in my life at all. So when Deliverro kept telling me to be patient, how much time was I supposed to give? After the call ended I started getting chest pains. There are consequences to people’s actions that can cause a domino effect.

I stated I would give Deliveroo a run for its money because why are they charging the advertiser and customer for the service charges? It should be the responsibility of the restaurant/grocery store to pay these charges.

Poor Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of any business, as it is the key to building a loyal customer base. It is the face of the company that interacts with customers and creates an impression in their minds. However, poor customer service can have a negative impact on the company’s reputation and ultimately lead to the loss of customers.

In this article, we will discuss the consequences of poor customer service and ways to avoid it.

Consequences of poor customer service

  1. Loss of customers: Customers are the backbone of any business. Poor customer service can lead to the loss of customers who may choose to take their business elsewhere. Customers who are not satisfied with the service they receive are unlikely to return and may even discourage others from doing business with the company.
  2. Negative reviews: Social media and review sites have given customers a powerful voice. Poor customer service can lead to negative reviews and comments that can damage the company’s reputation. These negative reviews can discourage potential customers from doing business with the company.
  3. Decreased revenue: Losing customers can lead to decreased revenue. Poor customer service can also lead to missed opportunities to upsell or cross-sell products or services to customers.
  4. Increased costs: Poor customer service can increase costs for the company. It can lead to increased customer complaints, which require additional resources to resolve. It can also lead to lost sales, which can impact the company’s bottom line.

Ways to avoid poor customer service

  1. Training: Proper training is essential for customer service representatives to provide excellent service. Training should focus on communication skills, problem-solving, and product knowledge. Regular training sessions should also be conducted to keep representatives updated on new products, services, and policies.
  2. Empowerment: Customer service representatives should be empowered to make decisions and resolve issues on their own. This can reduce the time it takes to resolve customer issues and improve the customer experience.
  3. Feedback: Collecting feedback from customers is essential to improve customer service. Companies should encourage customers to provide feedback through surveys, feedback forms, or social media. This feedback can help identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes.
  4. Transparency: Companies should be transparent about their products, services, and policies. Customers should have easy access to information about products, pricing, and return policies. This can help prevent misunderstandings and reduce the number of customer complaints.

Poor customer service can have a negative impact on a company’s reputation and bottom line. However, by focusing on training, empowerment, feedback, and transparency, companies can avoid poor customer service and provide an excellent customer experience. It is essential to understand that customer service is not just a department; it is a philosophy that should be ingrained in the company’s culture. By prioritizing customer service, companies can build loyal customers.

Should retailers compensate if they provide poor service?

As a consumer, there are few things more frustrating than receiving poor service from a retailer. Whether it’s a faulty product, slow shipping, or unresponsive customer service, a negative shopping experience can leave a lasting impression and impact your decision to do business with that retailer again in the future. So, should retailers offer compensation if they provide poor service? Let’s explore the pros and cons.

On the one hand, offering compensation for poor service can help to mitigate the negative impact of a poor shopping experience on the customer. If a retailer is willing to offer a refund, store credit, or a discount on a future purchase, it shows that they value the customer’s business and are willing to take responsibility for any mistakes or shortcomings in their service. This can help to build trust and loyalty with the customer, and potentially even turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Furthermore, offering compensation can also help to prevent negative reviews or feedback from spreading online. In today’s digital age, customers have more power than ever to share their experiences with others, and a negative review can quickly go viral and damage a retailer’s reputation. By offering compensation, retailers can potentially prevent a negative review from being posted in the first place, or at least show other potential customers that they are willing to go above and beyond to make things right.

On the other hand, offering compensation can also be costly for retailers. Depending on the extent of the poor service or the number of customers affected, offering refunds or discounts can add up quickly and eat into the retailer’s profits. Additionally, some customers may try to take advantage of the offer and falsely claim that they received poor service in order to get free products or discounts.

Moreover, offering compensation may also create unrealistic expectations for customers. If a retailer becomes known for always offering compensation for any negative experience, some customers may start to expect it as a given, even for minor issues. This can lead to a culture of entitlement and potentially harm the retailer’s bottom line.

Ultimately, it depends on the situation and the severity of the poor service. In some cases, offering compensation can be a smart business decision that helps to build trust and loyalty with customers, while in others it may not be worth the cost. Ultimately, retailers should strive to provide the best possible service to their customers in the first place and have clear policies and procedures in place for handling any issues that may arise. By doing so, they can minimize the likelihood of poor service occurring in the first place, and potentially avoid the need for compensation altogether.

The domino effect of a retailer providing poor customer service

Unfortunately, when retailers fail to meet the needs and expectations of their customers, it can have a domino effect that impacts not only the customer experience, but also the retailer’s reputation, revenue, and long-term success.

The following are some of the potential consequences of a retailer providing poor customer service:

  1. Negative Word of Mouth: When a customer has a negative experience with a retailer, they are likely to share that experience with others. This can be through social media, online reviews, or simply telling friends and family members. Negative word of mouth can quickly spread, damaging the retailer’s reputation and discouraging potential customers from doing business with them.
  2. Decreased Customer Loyalty: Customers who receive poor service are less likely to return to a retailer in the future. In fact, according to research by Zendesk, 82% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service. This can lead to a significant decrease in revenue over time as the retailer loses repeat business.
  3. Lower Sales: Poor customer service can also result in lower sales. Customers who have a negative experience are less likely to make additional purchases or spend as much money as they would have if they had received good service. This can have a significant impact on a retailer’s bottom line.
  4. Increased Costs: Providing poor customer service can also result in increased costs for the retailer. For example, the retailer may need to spend more money on advertising and marketing to attract new customers to make up for those who have been lost due to poor service. Additionally, the retailer may need to invest in training programs and other initiatives to improve the quality of their customer service, which can be expensive.
  5. Legal Consequences: In some cases, poor customer service can lead to legal consequences for the retailer. For example, if a customer is injured due to the retailer’s negligence, the retailer may be held liable for any damages. This can result in expensive lawsuits and damage to the retailer’s reputation.


Providing poor customer service can have a significant impact on a retailer’s reputation, revenue, and long-term success. Retailers who fail to meet the needs and expectations of their customers risk losing their business, damaging their reputation, and incurring significant costs. It is essential for retailers to prioritize customer service and invest in initiatives that can help them improve the quality of their interactions with customers.

When customers experience poor service, they may feel frustrated, angry, or disappointed. These emotions can trigger the body’s stress response, which can lead to physical health problems.

I found the general manager “Rea Raymond” of the store who will get a link to this article about my disdain: For reference my order number was 1812, which got refunded and credit was put on from Deliveroo for delivery and service fees of £5.00, although Asda is oblivious to what has happened and I am not happy.

No doubt one will blame the other and pass the buck “it wasn’t us it was them” scenario at the expense of the consumer.

The lesson I have learned today is I will never order from Asda ever again. Will I pursue this, most probably not, but if it happens again I will sing like a canary.

As a domain broker, content writer, digital marketer, and website developer, every minute I am on the phone I could be losing a customer, hence normally I communicate by email or chat, however on this occasion, I had no option but to call”.

One Word Dot Com Domains For Sale!

“The moral of the story is to treat customers with respect and dignity and if you fail to provide a good standard of service do not just say “I’m sorry”, words mean nothing when people have been disadvantaged. A happy customer will tell their friends and family, an unhappy customer will tell the world”.

“Apologies will not bring food to the table (no pun intended) when a customer has to spend more than 30 minutes on the phone sorting the mess out, instead of working”!

Imagine someone else having to wait around, having to reschedule their agendas because two companies cannot get their acts together. What if this caused them to be late for an appointment, there are a lot of what if’s. I will give Deliveroo another chance, although if they have three strikes, they will lose my business for good. I could not rate my experience on Deliveroo, against the store, but they did send me an email to rate the telephone operative.

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Lenovo Customer Ratings

Lenovo Customer Ratings.

After what seems like an eternity of emailing back and forth customer service, they have basically told me to “go forth and multiply”.

My dilemma started when a laptop was purchased as a gift to me only to find I had 10 months warranty instead of 12. Not thinking too deeply about it I raised a support ticket and the full 12 months were reinstated, that was until a couple of days later I experienced a blue screen.

I immediately contacted customer service and they told me to perform a BIOS system recovery meaning all my data and brand new 1 user software licenses programs would be lost. I asked how does that help me repair a brand new computer and Lenovo would not answer me. They then tried to pass the buck by saying it most probably is a Windows problem.

Not wanting to do this, I said if I lose my data will they compensate me and they said they would either refund or replace my laptop, but refrained from admitting liability or compensating me, however, after doing some digging and landing on the subdomain page of their own website I was shocked to read this:

Replacement or Refunds

So as you can imagine I am very apprehensive about sending back the laptop for a replacement or a refund if all trust is broken.

They have refused to meet me halfway, failed to respond to questions I asked them, and hid behind the ‘company policy’ excuse.

My argument was why do I have to do a BIOS reset on a laptop that I did not want to send back which would cause a problem for my business if I had to return it and they would not answer me?

I made them aware blowing my own trumpet that the previous article I wrote about them only managed to get on the first page of Google for the search terms Lenovo BSOD 2022 so if I can do this, imagine what I can do with this post.

The reason for the 10-month warranty originally I suspect this laptop was returned previously and resold after refurbishment. The reason why I say that is a brand new laptop comes with protective plastic on the mouse and on the screen and this laptop “Lenovo Ideapad 5” did not have either, giving me the impression this is a secondhand laptop. In total, I have had 3 BSOD to date and this laptop is coming up to being 3 weeks old.

I think I will persevere until I buy a new one, most definitely not a Lenovo may I add.

To think of the amount of time it has taken me writing emails back and forth and writing these posts, does this company not think I have anything else better to do?

If anything if I was to consider a replacement I would want a straight swap with the courier and not have to wait for another laptop to be sent out.

Lenovo BSOD 2022

Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is defined as the trust of the consumer and believability of the product or service contained within a brand.

brand name distinguishes itself from one seller to another. It will have uniqueness and will have distinguishable symbols, slogans, and taglines.

Brand credibility requires that consumers perceive that the brand has the ability to show expertise, secure global positioning, and as well as showing trustworthiness to continuously deliver what has been promised. However, if a brand does not deliver what it promises eventually its brand equity will erode).

You would think a company that has a very low trust rating would go above and beyond to make its customers happy.

I do not believe their replacement or refund is worth the paper it is written on because if I send this laptop back they just may not refund or replace it.

Although this laptop was bought through Amazon I am not sure about their return policy other than I have 30 days to send it back which gives me another week. I still need to break the news to the person that gifted me.

Evading answers not admitting liability and hiding behind company policies does not give the consumer confidence to invest in a brand that does not care about its own reputation.

Would I recommend this company to anyone? Most Certainly Not. Anyone thinking of purchasing a Laptop from Lenovo should think instead of ThinkPad should Think Twice!

#lenovo #lenovoideapad5 #lenovobsod #lenovobsod2022 #lenovobadreviews

Smoke Alarm Testing Residential Properties & Hearing Loss.

Smoke Alarm Testing Residential Properties & Hearing Loss.

I am a private tenant and have lived at this property (a two-bedroom flat) for the best part of 24 years. It seems a lifetime I know, and I could have bought a house but I have never been in a position to invest. Instead, I invest in digital real estate.

My article is about the hearing loss I have due to the extremely loud smoke alarms and heat detectors.

I have had two smoke alarms (landing /living room) and one heat detector in the kitchen in the last 3 years installed and have endured other incidents by an incompetent electrical company that has scammed my landlord and caused me monetary loss as well as health issues.

Does spraying smoke from an aerosol need to be done by a qualified electrician or can anyone do it?, it is laughable: Smoke Alarm Tester Sprays. To think my landlord has been charged for this and then passes the cost on to the tenant with rent rises.

My Digital Real Estate I Own.

Living in a residential property that does not belong to you, limits you with what you can and can’t say. The company that is scamming my landlord thinks I know jack sh#t about the law.

As a website designer, digital marketer, and content writer, I make it my business to learn about regulations.

I am actively promoting my client by coincidence is on the first page of search engines namely Google for the search terms ‘electricians wales’ and landlord ‘safety checks’.

So my grievance is with an electrical company that my landlord hires and has caused me considerable emotional distress, health issues as well as monetary loss. It rattles me that not only have I had hearing problems which are documented in other articles I have written, I now have to have my morning disrupted because my word is not good enough to confirm my alarms and detector are working properly.

This is my client which I highly recommend.


This is what the government says:

The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 came into force on 1 October 2015.

The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022 will come into force on 1 October 2022. From that date, all relevant landlords must:

1. Ensure at least one smoke alarm is equipped on each storey of their homes where a room is used as living accommodation. This has been a legal requirement in the private rented sector since 2015.

2. Ensure a carbon monoxide alarm is equipped in any room used as living accommodation that contains a fixed combustion appliance (excluding gas cookers).

3. Ensure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are repaired or replaced once informed and found that they are faulty.

The requirements are enforced by local authorities who can impose a fine of up to £5,000 if a landlord fails to comply with a remedial notice.

This booklet provides information about the requirements, who they apply to, and how they are enforced. It is designed as a Q&A to cover the most common situations but it is not intended to cover every scenario, nor should it be seen as a substitute for reading the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2022.

These regulations should be considered alongside other relevant laws on fire and carbon monoxide safety in rented homes such as the Housing Act 2004, the Fire Safety Act 2021, and the Building Safety Act 2022.

It is the department’s intention to ensure this booklet is updated whenever there are changes, but it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that they are applying the relevant laws correctly.

If, after reading this booklet, you are not clear whether or how the requirements apply to your individual circumstances you should seek legal advice.

Separate guidance is available for local authorities.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022: guidance for landlords and tenants – GOV.UK (


So in the last 2-3 years, I have had this company, ‘ come to the property I rent, and this is what a sh#t show they have done up to now (or should I say have not in some cases).

  1. Carried Out a landlord safety inspection but did not provide a copy of the report to me because I could easily have argued and could have pulled them up about the fact my chandelier and the dimmer switch were never tested in my living room plus other things in the list. I do not use it as a consequence and just have floor lamps).
  2. The extension lead from the back of my washing machine was never hardwired. So if the washing machine sprung a leak there is an electric cable extension trailing on the floor.
  3. They failed to notice the hotspot behind my cooker which caused me a lot of money in takeouts one Christmas (Documented).
  4. They scammed the landlord by installing two lights on my landing on the same loop so when one lightbulb goes, it trips the second light, defeating the object of having to change a light bulb above a 30ft drop as it is situated directly on top of my stairs.
  5. They installed two smoke alarms on one floor and a heat detector in the kitchen (saying I needed a heat detector in the kitchen, a smoke alarm in my on the landing (10ft apart) as well as in the living room by law). Another scam for my landlord. It makes no sense to have a heat detector in the kitchen because the kitchen does get hot from the cooking especially if you have the hobs and oven on at the same time.
  6. They insist on checking each smoke alarm once a year even though it should be checked by anyone who is competent (insinuating I am not).

My smoke alarms work especially if we are cooking and when this happens, all three alarms go off at the same time.

Where do smoke alarms need to be located?

According to the GOV.UK Regulations it does not stipulate where the alarms should be placed.

At least one smoke alarm should be installed on every floor used as living accommodation.

Landlords should follow the individual manufacturer’s instructions when installing the alarms. However, in general, smoke alarms should be fixed to the ceiling in a circulation space, i.e. a hall or a landing.

Your local fire and rescue authority may be able to provide further advice on installation or you can download fire safety information from

Can Smoke Alarms & Heat Detectors Damage Hearing?

Since having these alarms installed my hearing is not so good, I experience headaches and a constant humming noise in both ears. The volume on my devices has to be turned up to the max for me to hear. I cannot hear my doorbell which tells me my hearing is damaged.

The sheer volume of noise isn’t everything and the distance you are from the source of the sound and how long you are exposed to it is just as important as the noise.

Sound intensity doubles with every increase of 3 decibels so even though the sound of a car horn may not sound twice as loud as a vacuum cleaner, the intensity levels make it seem so. That is why, if you are working in a noisy environment with sound levels in the region of 80-85dB, you should be wearing protective hearing headsets. 

For sounds in the region of 110 – 120dB, short exposure is enough to cause lasting hearing damage.

Prolonged and repeated exposure to loud noises can damage your hearing and if you stand next to a smoke alarm for a long period of time, it can damage your hearing (I am about 10ft away when I am sitting down and working, and have to switch/reset all the alarms which may take a few minutes because both my daughter and I are disabled and cannot move very fast and cannot reach because the ceilings are very high.

Though the point of a smoke alarm is to get you out of the vicinity of a fire so this is rarely an issue. The louder the noise is and the longer you are exposed to it, the higher the risk to your hearing.

My Landlord.

On the imminent appointment (which I could do without), scheduled tomorrow to have my alarms tested because I am obviously not trusted or capable enough to test them myself, I not only will have to contend with the deafening noise of 3 x 85 decibels = 255 decibels, but they will have to disconnect my electricity because the alarms are connected to the flat below me. (I would not be so p#ssed if it was one alarm but there are three that will go off simultaneously and one of the alarms is about 10 feet away from where I work. When these alarms set off they hurt my ears).

How can I protect my health and work at the same time?

I am keeping a record of everything that happens with this company and my landlord.

My alarms work fine because there is one heat detector in the kitchen which is very sensitive and sets off all the rest. I have reduced my cooking because of the price rises in the cost of living but that is another story.

Update 26/08/22

The electrician arrived and knocked on my door and when he did not get an answer he opened the door and came to my stairs. (My daughter was a witness).

I normally do not lock my flat door because the flat is a terraced house converted to two apartments and there is a front door that is locked before anyone can get to my door. You would think I should feel safe in my home, but obviously, people that do not get a response from knocking think they have a license to just let themselves in…

No word of a lie he puffed an aerosol can on the alarms, waited for them to go off, and left. He did not switch off the electrics like the last guy a year ago. It most probably took the guy today all of two minutes from start to finish, I wonder how much he charged for this?

How should a tenant test their alarms to check they are in working order?

Testing of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms does not require specialist skills or knowledge and should be straightforward for tenants to do.

Landlords should consider providing residents with a demonstration and/or instructions to support residents’ understanding of how, and how often, to test their smoke alarms and make sure they are in working order. Landlords should follow the individual manufacturer’s instructions for testing alarms and consider sharing these instructions with tenants to support regular testing.


Would I recommend this company to anyone to anyone? most definitely not, they are a bunch of cowboys!

They do not know what they are doing, they are not on the first page of search engines and their website looks like an amateur has done it which tells me they are not making much money otherwise they would afford a Professional Website Designer.

This now gives me the perfect opportunity to promote and market my client who is professional and knows what he is doing. If I could dictate to my landlord who he should choose to hire then I would most definitely have recommended my client.

For those of you that are in need of a Landlord Safety Inspection, I highly recommend

Update 28/11/22

I think this muppet company (E+- (abbreviated), am not disclosing their business name for legal reasons) is out to scam landlords because, from the original post date of this article in August of this year, I was surprised the same muppets turned up at my property unannounced to say they were doing a smoke alarm test. I replied you did one six months ago but in reality, it was three months ago and the electrician’s reply was that they have to very six months (good luck with that in three months’ time because I bet you a bottom dollar I am not letting them in).

I told my landlord’s assistant who said she had texted me over the weekend. If I did not reply that would have meant I did not get the text.

But what shocked me was that this electrician entered my flat without waiting to be invited. What would have happened if I was not in? he could have had free reign and helped himself to my valuables. What if I had just had a shower and was half-dressed? You do not enter rented accommodation without acknowledgment from the tenant. I did not acknowledge the text because I never received it.

On further investigation, this company does not have a cookie banner on its website, so if they track you with Google Analytics cookies you are none the wiser. They have a simple landing page with no privacy policy or terms and conditions. The quality of the website speaks volumes about the quality of their workmanship. I personally believe they are not credible and I by rights should be reported to for breaching GDPR.

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Lenovo or Windows Fault – Blue Screen Of Death – BSOD -2022

Lenovo or Windows Fault – Blue Screen Of Death -(BSOD) 2022!

In the last month, my HP laptop which was about 4 years old on a Windows 10 OS started to have the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). It got to the stage it was not loading at all. I loved that laptop, but sadly it has grown its wings.

Eventually, not even a week ago it was replaced by a Lenovo Idea. Excited at the prospect I was going to be doing my work again after being out of commission for about a week, you would not believe what happened…I only experienced the BSOD on a brand new laptop twice to be precise.

I have started a support ticket with Lenovo. I am going to wait and see what they say.

According to someone I spoke to in Microsoft said it was not an OS issue but more so a hardware issue.

I have since found this article albeit a couple of years old: Windows 10 failure: Lenovo confirms BSOD, more users report bugs (

However, the Trustpilot 1-star reviews say it all.

Lenovo Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

Apparently, I am not the only one this has happened to:

Lenovo Ideapad BSOD’ing even after system reset | Tom’s Guide Forum (

To be honest, I do not care what the problem is or whose fault this is, I just want to get on and do my work without any disruptions and anyone that causes me not to perform my job should compensate me. I have now had to back up all my work, very annoying, and am feeling very apprehensive about using this device.

I will update this post as soon as I get word from Lenovo.

I am not a happy bunny.

Things like this cause knock-on effects and whilst most people will say well that’s life, I tend to disagree. There is always someone to blame if something does not go to plan. If something is broken then it is definitely someone’s fault and it needs to be rectified and the person suffering needs to be compensated. This is now causing me stress and anxiety.

Lenovo when they read this need to realize how many people I am connected with on LinkedIn (nearly 11K): Renata Barnes | LinkedIn to see the influence I have regarding reviewing products and companies.

UPDATE 25/08/22 – Incident: 220825-000001

What a 💩show. I have just finished a chat session because no one has come back over the support ticket and I was basically told to fix the problem myself.

Excuse me but if you sell a faulty product then you should do something about it and not the consumer. Considering this was a gift I dread having to tell the person about this. I feel really sad that someone has gone out of their way to help me and bought a faulty product that Lenovo says in order to get a replacement I have to do the following:

1. Turn off your PC. (Laptop, all-in-one,notebook, Chromebook,tablet)
2. Now disconnect all devices from your PC (printer, scanner, hard drives).
3. Also remove the memory card in the card reader, if inserted.
4. Please disconnect the power cable from the device.
5. Now press and hold the power button on the PC for about 60 seconds.
6. Next, plug the power cord back into the device.
7. Now you can switch the PC on again.

2. BIOS Defaults:

1. Turn off your device
2. On the left side there is a small pinhole button, the Novo button. You will need a paper clip or something pointy to press it. Press and hold for a few seconds.
3. Blue Novo button menu will appear on the display
4. Using keyboard arrows choose BIOS Settings
5. Press the “F9” key on your keyboard and new windows will pop up
6. Confirm by pressing the “Y” key
7. Press the “F10” key on your keyboard and a new window will pop up
8. Confirm by pressing the “Y” key
The device should continue to boot and please test the device

3. One Key Recovery:

You will need to perform a One-Key-Recovery (OKR), which will reinstall the operating system and reset your device to factory settings.

Any software issues present on the device will be eliminated in the process.
Please make sure that your device is plugged into the charging unit, otherwise, the One-Key-Recovery will not work.

Before performing this procedure, please make sure to back up your files from all hard drives to an external storage device as all your files will be deleted from the device.

Once the procedure is done, you can then upload your files back onto the device again.

Make sure to remember to reinstall any programs you had on the device previously.

*** The ‘Novo-Button’ is located on the side inside a little hole. It needs to be accessed with a pin/needle*** (It is signaled by a bent arrow pointing to the left)
If you have a desktop machine you will need to power the machine back on and keep tapping the F2 key.

1. POWER OFF the device.
2. Poke the NOVO BUTTON, located on the side of the device.
3. A LOADING SCREEN will appear.
4. You should see a BLUE SCREEN.
5. Then a RECOVERY MENU will load.
6. Select ‘SYSTEM RECOVERY’, then confirm using the ENTER key.
7. Select either the option named ‘INITIAL BACK UP’ or ‘TROUBLESHOOT’ (this option is different for each device).
* When you get the option “INITIAL BACKUP’ you can skip steps 8 and 9
9. When getting prompted for which drive to clean select ‘ONLY THE DRIVE WHERE WINDOWS IS INSTALLED’.
10. Now recovery will start and takes about 30-120 mins.
11. Asks for RESTART.
12. Need to RECONFIGURE the device, as you did when you first purchased it.


Here are some of the screenshots I managed to capture of the chat:

The Transcript:

Response By E-mail (Haris Hadzic1) (25/08/2022 11.15 AM)

Dear Ms. Renata,

Chat transcript below,

[10:46:03 AM]Renata:
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Greeting] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Hello there. I’m Lena, your Virtual Assistant. I can assist you with Lenovo Products & Services. If you would like to review our FAQs, you can select hot topics below. Otherwise, please describe your issue directly.]
ChaTbot[Faq]:[Repair status check] [Check general warranty] [Update your Computer using Lenovo Vantage] [Windows 11 Information] [Camera Not Working] ]
Customer[QuickResponse]:[Windows 11 Information] ]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Helpful] [Unhelpful] ]
Customer[Text]:[I want to speak with a human]
ChaTbot[Text]:[I apologize for the inconvenience. Addressing your concerns is very important to us. Before offering you the relevant contact options, we need a few more details from you. Please click the button below to get further support.]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Get Further Support] [Start Over] ]
Customer[Text]:[You button does not work]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused. Could you please describe your issues again?]
CusTomer[Text]:[I have a blue screen]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Are you referring to one of the following questions? You can click on it to continue. Or kindly rephrase your question.]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Operation] [Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Bootup] [Color Bias] [None of the above] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Operation] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[I think you are experiencing this issue: “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Operation”. Don’t worry, I will do my best to assist you with this matter.]
ChaTbot[RichText]:[Please follow the steps below to obtain the BSOD code for further diagnostics: ▪ Check the BSOD code. If you are unable to record the BSOD code, change settings as follows: Right-click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Startup and Recovery -> Settings (Button), then uncheck “Automatically restart”. Troubleshoot blue screen errors You may also check the Microsoft Bug Check Code Reference.]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Did this help resolve the issue?]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Yes] [No] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[No] ]
ChaTbot[RichText]:[If you added new hardware or software recently, please remove the hardware or uninstall the software. Sometimes, software incompatibility may cause an auto shutdown. Updating software may fix the issue. For the next step use the Lenovo Diagnostic tool to check if there are any hardware failures.]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Did this help resolve the issue?]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Yes] [No] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[No] ]
ChaTbot[RichText]:[Please run the Lenovo diagnostics tool to check for failing components at Lenovo Diagnostic Tool Solution.]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Did you receive any failure on the diagnostic test?]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Yes] [No] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Yes] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[I apologize for the inconvenience. Addressing your concerns is very important to us. Before offering you the relevant contact options, we need a few more details from you. Please click the button below to get further support.]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Get Further Support] [Start Over] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Get Further Support] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Sorry for the inconvenience, to offer you other support options, I need to confirm your Serial Number. Is PF3PCXZC your Serial Number?]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Yes] [No] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Yes] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Here are the other support options that are available to you below.]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Create service request] [Chat With Live Agent] [Email Us] [Consult our Forum] [Start Over] ]
Customer[QuickResponse]:[Chat With Live Agent] ]
..Case Summary..transfer problem : [“Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Operation”]
user comment :
transferReason: fast channel

[10:46:07 AM]Hello! Welcome to Lenovo, my name is Haris Hadzic1. How may I help you?
[10:46:57 AM]Renata: I have had two BSOD in a hort time of having this laptop i have escalated a ticket
[10:47:06 AM]Renata: Incident: 220825-000001
[10:47:17 AM]Renata: short time
[10:47:47 AM]Renata: Hello are you there?
[10:47:59 AM]Haris Hadzic1: yes, one moment I will check this
[10:48:07 AM]Renata: ok
[10:49:40 AM]Haris Hadzic1: can you tell me what is the message on BSOD?
[10:50:36 AM]Renata: I submitted a screenshot in the support I sent yesterday it should be attached to the ticket
[10:51:14 AM]Haris Hadzic1: ok, did you try any troubleshoots?
[10:51:18 AM]Renata:

[10:51:35 AM]Renata: it rebooted itself
[10:51:55 AM]Renata: I should not have to troubleshoot a brand new laptop
[10:52:03 AM]Haris Hadzic1: did you try anything to resolve the issue?
[10:52:46 AM]Renata: I just let it reboot like I said i should not have to do anything to resolve anything on a brand new laptop
[10:53:33 AM]Haris Hadzic1: you will have to try some troubleshooting steps
[10:53:57 AM]Haris Hadzic1: 1. Static discharge:
1. Turn off your PC.(Laptop,all-in-one,notebook, Chromebook,tablet)
2. Now disconnect all devices from your PC (printer, scanner, hard drives).
3. Also remove the memory card in the card reader, if inserted.
4. Please disconnect the power cable from the device.
5. Now press and hold the power button on the PC for about 60 seconds.
6. Next, plug the power cord back into the device.
7. Now you can switch the PC on again.

2. BIOS Defaults:

1. Turn off your device
2. On the left side there is a small pinhole button, the Novo button. You will need a paper clip or something pointy to press it. Press and hold for a few seconds.
3. Blue Novo button menu will appear on the display
4. Using keyboard arrows choose BIOS Settings
5. Press the “F9” key on your keyboard and new windows will pop up
6. Confirm by pressing the “Y” key
7. Press the “F10” key on your keyboard and a new window will pop up
8. Confirm by pressing the “Y” key
The device should continue to boot and please test the device

3. One Key Recovery:

You will need to perform a One-Key-Recovery (OKR), which will reinstall the operating system and reset your device to factory settings.
Any software issues present on the device will be eliminated in the process.
Please make sure that your device is plugged into the charging unit, otherwise, the One-Key-Recovery will not work.
Before performing this procedure, please make sure to back up your files from all hard drives to an external storage device as all your files will be deleted from the device.
Once the procedure is done, you can then upload your files back onto the device again.
Make sure to remember to reinstall any programs you had on the device previously.

*** The ‘Novo-Button’ is located on the side inside a little hole. It needs to be accessed with a pin/needle*** (It is signaled by a bent arrow pointing to the left)
If you have a desktop machine you will need to power the machine back on and keep tapping the F2 key.

1. POWER OFF the device.
2. Poke the NOVO BUTTON, located on the side of the device.
3. A LOADING SCREEN will appear.
4. You should see a BLUE SCREEN.
5. Then a RECOVERY MENU will load.
6. Select ‘SYSTEM RECOVERY’, then confirm using the ENTER key.
7. Select either the option named ‘INITIAL BACK UP’ or ‘TROUBLESHOOT’ (this option is different for each device).
* When you get the option “INITIAL BACKUP’ you can skip steps 8 and 9
9. When getting prompted for which drive to clean select ‘ONLY THE DRIVE WHERE WINDOWS IS INSTALLED’.
10. Now recovery will start and takes about 30-120 mins.
11. Asks for RESTART.
12. Need to RECONFIGURE the device, as you did when you first purchased it.
[10:56:05 AM]Renata Maziak Barnes: I am sorry your laptop is faulty I will start letting everyone know on LinkedIn that I have nearly 11K connections about Lenovo unless you do something. Do not pass the buck and get me to fix a dodgy laptop Lenovo or Windows Fault – BSOD – CYMRU DIGITAL MARKETING BUSINESS JOURNAL ( I also want a transcript of this chat please when it ends to my email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[10:57:24 AM]Renata: are you there?
[10:57:57 AM]Renata: hello

[10:58:11 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I am here, sorry but I can’t help you in any other way, you will need to try these troubleshooting steps, we need to determine what is causing this

[10:59:34 AM]Renata: I should not do anything on a faulty laptop do you want to get bad press because you will I will make sure of that under trading standards you need to do something not me
[11:00:12 AM]Haris Hadzic1: sorry, but it is impossible for me to do these steps, the device needs to be powered off
[11:00:15 AM]Renata: I want a transcript of this conversation, please
[11:01:18 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I will check if we can send it
[11:01:31 AM]Renata: ok
[11:02:49 AM]Haris Hadzic1: ok, I will send you the chat transcript on the email
[11:03:00 AM]Haris Hadzic1: can I do anything else for you?
[11:04:03 AM]Renata: I need his name, please
[11:04:31 AM]Haris Hadzic1: my name?
[11:04:50 AM]Renata: The owner of Lenovo
[11:05:17 AM]Renata: your boss at the very very top
[11:06:04 AM]Renata: are you there?
[11:06:11 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I am
[11:06:26 AM]Renata: so why are you not answering
[11:06:44 AM]Haris Hadzic1: Chairman of Lenovo is Yang Yuanqing
[11:06:44 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I need to find the answer
[11:08:38 AM]Renata: ok thanks I will be tagging him into a post I have made on on the right-hand sidebar you will see the first post I have already written which I plan on sharing with the world and will make sure Lenovo lose loads of business
[11:08:55 AM]Haris Hadzic1: that is your right
[11:09:36 AM]Renata: but imagine how many sales you will lose no company wants to lose business
[11:10:22 AM]Haris Hadzic1: we can not influence that, as we can not influence what you will say on social networks about Lenovo
[11:11:34 AM]Renata: I would like a transcript I am going now and you have broken the trading standards policy because you have not offered me an alternative solution other than telling me to fix it myself

[11:12:19 AM]Haris Hadzic1: By the policy, we have to try troubleshooting the device before we offer you a replacement, if these ts did not help we would offer a replacement

[11:12:34 AM]Haris Hadzic1: as the device is within first 30 days of usage
[11:12:57 AM]Renata: I should not have to fix anything
[11:13:38 AM]Renata: I need the transcript for the instructions you sent earlier because I cannot scroll up to read your instructions
[11:14:00 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I will send you everything on the email
[11:14:15 AM]Haris Hadzic1: sorry we could not find the solution for the issue
[11:14:26 AM]Renata: ok
[11:14:35 AM]Haris Hadzic1: have a nice rest of the day
[11:14:38 AM]’Renata’ disconnected (‘Concluded by Agent’).

My campaign for all social media including LinkedIn will say the following: AVOID BUYING ANY LAPTOPS FROM LENOVO!

For argument’s sake, you buy a brand new car and you drive it down the road, you then discover a fault. Do you go back to the showroom you bought it from or do you try to fix it yourself remotely with the support from the showroom? The same goes with any product you buy if it is faulty it needs to be replaced.

I have 30 days to get a replacement, sorry but I do not want to do business with Lenovo again ever and will be seeking to refund the person that gifted me and compensate me for wasting my time and the one-time user software licenses I have bought.

Imagine how many companies may contemplate buying laptops in bulk for their offices and imagine how many think twice before buying from Lenovo.

It is going to cost Lenovo more than a simple refund and compensation if I start singing like a canary. I have not shared this article with social media until I get positive feedback and offer to stop sharing. Giving me an offer, I can turn this post around and give positive feedback (I will change some of the headers to say that I have changed my mind and despite a faulty computer Lenovo came through, which will encourage people to buy). I am good at my job and businesses pay people like me to influence the markets. This article can be edited to read more positively, providing Lenovo comes up with an offer I cannot refuse.

The agent I chatted with was not overly concerned that posting one bad review spreads like wildfire, never mind damaging brand credibility and trustworthiness. The more sales a brand loses and the fewer profits they make, the potential for staff layoffs can be catastrophic, and there is always a knock-on effect on ‘Brand Reputation. With a one-star rating, Lenovo needs all the help it can get with marketing its business in a positive light.

The Lenovo CEO (Yang Yuanqing) Emails: &

I will be connecting with him on LinkedIn and contacting trading standards if I do not get positive feedback from Lenovo.

(Just a quick update I cc’d Mr. Yuanqing into an email on 29/08/22 and both emails bounced).

They may not care because they may think I am one person, but my business can put any brand in a good or bad light. Just Try Me!!!!!!!

UPDATE 29/08/22

I had one BSOD I did not screen capture and then I had a BSOD on Wednesday 24th August 2022 and then had another BSOD on Friday 26th August 2022:

I also had an email today from Lenovo who purposely ignore my comments and do not answer my questions:

I am starting to lose my patience! In total, I have had (3) BSOD on this laptop, the first one I did not capture in time because I was in shock and could not find my phone. This makes me think that the person that bought this laptop as a gift for me, was sold a refurbished device because I questioned why there was originally only a 10-month warranty even though I should have had 12 which was then extended to 12 months after I did a support ticket. It seems questionable to me.

UPDATE 05/09/22

I have decided to keep the laptop even with the BSOD I even had one yesterday until I buy a new one but it is basically £400 down the drain because the warranty is not worth the paper it is written on if a consumer has to wipe the computer before it gets repaired. I understand wiping the computer if you are getting a replacement or refund but to have it repaired, I don’t think so.

My trust in this company is ZERO and to add insult to injury they were sent a link to this site and low and behold my listing has disappeared from all search engines overnight (a bit of a coincidence don’t you think), I believe Lenovo tried banning this article (LOL). They will need an army of people working day and night to get rid of all the bad reviews they are getting all over the internet and not from me may I add.

Furthermore, if they return to this article, all I will say there is more than one way to skin a cat (not sure where the phrase comes from). I won’t be beaten and I will keep on cloning because I am p#ss#d.

#lenovo #microsoft #windows10 #windows11 #emotionaldistress #stress #anxiety #YangYuanqing #CEOLenovo

TV Licensing Part III.

I have stopped paying the license as my daughter and I do not watch terrestrial TV or watch any live stream programs. I, therefore, phoned the TV Licensing people last year and the person I spoke to said he would make a note on the system. This obviously did not happen because today I received a letter stating someone is coming to my property for an inspection…Good Luck to them is all that I can say.

Now I have written about TV Licensing before in Part (1) and Part (2) links below.

Part (I).

Part (II).

I also have located the page that says what to do if you think you do not need a TV License:

According to the TV Licensing Agency.

If you tell them you do not need a TV License, they will send you confirmation of your No Licence Needed declaration. They will want to come to your property to confirm this as true. This is because when they visit and make contact, they usually find one in eight people* that tell them they don’t need a TV Licence actually do need one.

If you are not licensed, you risk prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000** plus any legal costs and/or compensation you may be ordered to pay.

Proof You Need a License.

Now my question is how can they prove anyone watches TV if they enter a property?

Owning a mobile phone, laptop, computer or tablet does not prove anything.

In fact, I do have a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone but would I be willing to allow them to inspect them, I most definitely would not.

It would be against GDPR to allow anyone access to a device that has sensitive data on it as in my case as I own a business and I would be breaching the security of my client’s data if anyone gained access to my devices.

They would need proof of probable cause that I watched TV or Live streamed which I and my daughter do not.

I am too busy running a business to waste my brain cells watching TV.

If they have an issue and want people to pay they should introduce a pay-as-you-go paywall, that would solve the problem rather than use bully tactics to scare people into paying.

I will not be intimidated and I know my rights.

I do not have to let anyone into my property or access my devices without a warrant and I certainly would not allow anyone to access my devices unless they had a court order. Furthermore, once it was proven that none of my devices had a history of watching TV or Live Streaming I would sue the entities in question.

Entering Premises Without a Warrant.

In general, the police do not have the right to enter a person’s house or other private premises without the person’s permission unless they have a warrant, then that would be different. However, they can enter without a warrant under special circumstances: when in close pursuit of someone the police believe has committed or attempted to commit, a serious crime, or. to sort out a disturbance. The only other people that can enter your property if the statutory right is granted to a person in the state and public service jobs in specific situations only.

Some examples of these roles are:

  1. Police officers 
  2. Fire service workers
  3. Ambulance workers
  4. Council and local authority trading standards officers
  5. Some enforcement agents

Final Notes From The Editor.

Introduce a pay-as-you-go paywall and stop the bully tactics. If you suspect people watching TV, send out the TV Detector Van!

About me: I am connected with some top mainstream journalists on LinkedIn and have refrained from posting on this social media platform even though I have over 10K connections. I feel however that I have to speak on behalf of public interest who may also be in similar situations as myself yet receive threatening and intimidating correspondence, that a pay-as-you-go paywall should be introduced with immediate effect and that people should be made aware of their rights and not be intimidated into paying when they are certain they do not watch TV.

I also agree there will be people claiming they do not watch TV when in reality they do, surely smart TVs (sorry I do not have one) can send a signal to the TV Licensing people similar to Smart Meters if the TV is accessed or not. Furthermore, why not introduce a subscription just like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime Video, this would solve the problem unless they are worried they will not have enough subscribers?

Further Reading:

#TVLicense #TVLicensing #TVLicenseBullyTactics #Intimidation

Boycott Companies Trading With Russia


Disclaimer of the Brands In this Article. Many Brands are Switching Sides so you need to do your research before making a campaign. Every day more brands are washing their hands of the Russian Dictator. Shell has announced today they will no longer be trading with Russia.

Boycott Companies Still Trading in Russia.

We as citizens need to take a stand and support Ukraine from companies that continue to trade with Russia. This means putting pressure on corporations and refusing to buy their products, so even if you may love your coffee, beefburgers, and your fizzy pop, it is a small sacrifice to make to help put an end to this atrocity that is happening in Ukraine.

You would not only be helping our own Governments but you will also be helping people in Ukraine and trying to end this senseless w##.

The more companies that turn their backs on Russia eventually their economy will collapse. They need money to buy artillery, pay their military, and provide for their people.

If we can hit Russia in its pockets, they will eventually run out of money, but this also applies to putting a point across to the companies that are in bed with the enemy.

Global News has already published the outcry to boycott McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Shell as these companies are still trading in Russia thus helping to fuel the fire.

It has been reported that three Ukrainian supermarket chains announced they are removing Coca-Cola products from their store shelves and the hashtags #BoycottCocaCola, #BoycottPepsi, and #BoycottMcDonalds were trending on Twitter over the weekend. However, people who support Ukrainians around the world should also take a stand against these companies until they join the rest of the world to help end this diabolical w##

Companies Still Trading With Russia:

Boycott Companies That Are Still Trading With Russia!

Citigroup Inc C -1.83%(Get Free Alerts for C): The Bank was trying to remove itself from Russia long before the Ukraine invasion, but it is trapped in a quagmire — efforts to sell its Russian consumer business is in limbo because the sole potential buyer, the Russian state bank VTB Bank, has been sanctioned by the U.S. government. In its defense, Citigroup CFO Mark Mason stated the bank might need to write off nearly approximately $9.8 billion.

Coca-Cola Co KO -2.37%(Get Free Alerts for KO): Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company AG, the Swiss-based firm distributing Coca-Cola products in Russia has not only shown no signs of suspending operations, but it also went so far as to tell the Russian news agency Tass: “All operational, production and logistics facilities of Coca-Cola in Russia are working. “We are fully responsible to partners, society, and thousands of our employees in Russia. Our top priority is the safety of our employees.” Coca-Cola announced it had halted production at its factory in Kyiv and evacuated its employees, yet is still doing business in Russia, which makes you wonder where their priorities lie?

Estée Lauder Companies Inc EL -7.56%:Thie hair and skin care and cosmetics provider which has headquarters in New York generates 2.7% of its revenue, or approximately $500 million, from sales in Russia. The company issued a statement on March 4 insisting it was “committed to supporting those impacted by the invasion of Ukraine,” adding that its “priority is the safety and well-being of all ELC employees, and we are continuously monitoring the situation and evaluating all possible measures to support them.”

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd HLF -0.06%:This multi-level marketing corporation gets 3% of its revenue, or approximately $150 million, from sales in Russia. On Feb. 23, the day before Ukraine was invaded, Herbalife President John DeSimone answered an earnings call question about the region and stated while there was a risk in Russia, “the biggest risk is probably in Ukraine, and it’s not a material country to us.

Hilton Hotels Corporation HLT -6.32%: Among the U.S. lodging companies, Hilton has 29 hotels in Russia; its sole Ukrainian operation is a hotel in the capital city of Kyiv. Hilton is still operating at the locations and the company has yet to make any public comment regarding the crisis in the region.

Kimberly-Clark Corp KMB -0.91%:The personal care product provider has been part of the Russian market since 1996 and generates 3% of its revenue, or $600 million, from sales in that country. In January 2019, it announced an $80 million to expand its Russian flagship factory in Stupino, a town 61.5 miles south of Moscow. Kimberly-Clark has not offered any public comment regarding Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

McDonald’s Corp MCD -4.88%: The fast-food giant gets 9% of its revenue from the Russia/Ukraine markets, or roughly 2.3% billion. The majority of its Russian locations are franchised by Russian Business Owners, yet the company has ignored growing demands from consumers and elected officials to shut down its Russian eateries.

Papa John’s International Inc. PZZA -7.76%: The Pizzaria chain has approximately 185 restaurants in Russia, headquartered in Atlanta USA. On the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call on Feb. 24, the day of the invasion, President and CEO Robert Lynch stated: “that any change to our restaurants in Russia will depend on how much disruption there is there and the impact of that business.” He continued to say he has no plans of closing any of the restaurants down and added the company had no restaurants in Ukraine.

PepsiCo Inc. PEP -1.99%: The Purchase, New York-based company is being pressured to rethink their business with Russia, with 4.4% of its revenue, or $3.4 billion, coming from that market, the firm is being pressured by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli who controls the state’s $280 billion pension funds, which includes PepsiCo shares, and he bluntly stated it would be in the company’s best interests to “address various investment risks associated with the Russian market.”

Starbucks Corporation SBUX -6.19%: The famous coffee house headquartered in Seattle has 130 licensed coffee shops in Russia; with no presence in Ukraine. The CEO Kevin Johnson is not forcing its Russian partners to close, he informed his workforce via an internal memo that the company “will donate any royalties we receive from our business operations in Russia to humanitarian relief efforts for Ukraine.”

Shell PLC said they would continue to buy crude oil from Russia so as not to disrupt the market for the consumer but with the news hitting headlines today that car fuel prices will be rising, I as a consumer would much prefer to buy fuel that is not laced with blood.

(At the time of this article going to press, it has been announced today Shell is now pulling out of Russia which is excellent news 🙂 I would have hoped that contacting the family office in the UAE had something to do with it).

The complete list of companies that remain can be seen below:

“This does not say much about these companies if they are in cahoots with a Dictator that is threatening everyone that interferes with his actions”.

Companies that have turned their backs on Russia are:

Over 200 corporations including Apple and Netflix have halted operations in the country since President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale att### on Ukraine.

Amongst the Companies Are:

Accounting and financial services companies:

British-Dutch multinational professional services network KPMG; professional services network PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC); and payment card services giant American Express have stopped their respective operations in Russia.

* Entertainment and messaging companies:

Global streaming entertainment service Netflix; and instant messaging app Snapchat have also ceased their operations in Russia.

The Walt Disney Company, Sony, and Warner Bros have said they are pausing their release of films in Russia

* Technology companies:

Apple has paused selling its products (both offline and online) in Russia.

Microsoft has also stopped “other aspects of business in Russia.

Alphabet Inc’s Google has blocked the Russian news outlets RT and Sputnik.

Meta (formerly Facebook) also blocked the Russian state media houses.

Samsung Electronics also suspended its shipments to Russia.

* Automobile companies:

Mercedes-Benz has stopped manufacturing and passenger car export in Russia.

Ford and General Motors have discontinued their operations in the country.

* Retail companies:

American company PVH, which operates Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, has suspended ops in Russia. 

Nike, H&M and Ikea also suspended operations in Russia.

Home rental company Airbnb and payment firm PayPal have also suspended their operation in Russia.

Ikea has temporarily closed all 17 stores and factories across Russia in a move affecting 15,000 workers

M&S the British Retailer said has suspended shipments to its Turkish franchisee’s business in Russia, which has 48 stores and 1,200 employees stating “we are building on our existing support for Unicef’s UK’s Ukraine appeal with £1.5m packages to support the UN Refugee Agency and Unicef to help children and families in need.” They also said it was sending £0.5m of coats and thermals to Ukraine, where it ceased operations at 10 stores a week ago.

Volkswagen Group announced it had stopped production of vehicles in Russia until further notice, a decision affecting the Russian production sites in Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod. Vehicle exports to Russia have also been stopped with immediate effect, it said. Carmaker Ford said it had suspended its commercial van joint venture in Russia “until further notice”. And in the past few days, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover and Renault have all halted sales and operations in Russia.

Diageo, which makes Smirnoff vodka and Guinness, said it had paused exports to Russia and Ukraine.

Online travel booking firm Expedia said it had stopped selling travel in and out of Russia, making it one of the first travel companies to announce such a move.

British online retailers Boohoo and Asos announced they had suspended sales in the country, as did the Swedish clothing giant H&M.

The Spanish fashion retailer Mango announced a temporary closure of its 120 shops in Russia and its online sales site there.

The British Luxury Fashion House Burberry said it had ceased shipments to the country, effectively shutting down its online operation they also have three stores in Russia, one of which is run by a franchisee and one in Moscow’s Red Square, and these currently remain open but they are not receiving new deliveries.

Nike has said it is preventing Russian customers from buying online and Adidas has suspended its partnership with the Russian Football Union.

The Full List Of Companies No Longer Trading With Russia

Can Be Seen Below:

Petrol Diesel Price Rises.

Despite presumingly getting cheap crude oil, petrol retailers have urged the chancellor to help motorists absorb record bills by cutting VAT on fuel.

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) spoke up as the cost of filling up hits new heights on a daily basis in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Final Thoughts From The Editor.

I have redacted some words as I have noticed that online censorship is causing certain articles to get flagged or banned so I have replaced certain letters with hashtags. I wrote about online censorship and words can get you struck off

I first noticed a problem when I used certain keywords like the Russian Dictators name in an article I wrote about how all Energy and Fuel Price Rises are going to increase poverty to unprecedented levels and how it will affect people’s mental health. This article kept coming back as a 500 sever error and my IT team could not understand what the issue was until I did a bit of digging and finally edited the article into three parts omitting certain words and phrases and not publishing the video that was controversial. You can read the edited article about Financial Difficulty here.

If you are finding your utility bills in the UK going to be unmanageable do consider changing utility providers.

Mental health can affect all people in all walks of life and poverty can cause poor mental health through social stresses, stigma, and trauma. When individuals find themselves in financial difficulty and perhaps do not have the necessities to survive, mental disorders such as depression or anxiety can develop and intensify. Mental health is also caused by grief. Grief can be caused by a number of situations such as the loss of a loved one through death, divorce, or separation. Grief can also be because of the loss of your home and worldly possessions as in the case of many millions of people in Ukraine right now.

If you have been affected by grief or are in financial difficulty I highly recommend you read the following articles I have written on this site and on another that I own:

  1. Coping With Grief
  2. Financial Difficulty
  3. Mental Health Useful Links

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“Please don’t forget to do your part as a consumer to help stop this evil dictator and put an end to all the people dying”.

“This is now another reason why our prices are rising and inevitably our mental health getting worse”.

“If we come together and stand united we can conquer everything that faces us. My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine”.

Slava Ukraini“.

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GP appointments & Negligence

GP Negligence!

One illness per GP appointment.

GP Appointments & Negligence, Lack of duty of care.

Patients are being told that doctors are too busy to cope with more 20-minute appointments that they have restricted calls for 10 minutes and to only discuss one ailment per consultation.

Critics say it could put people off discussing important health issues.

People who are vulnerable who have ongoing mental health issues or have multiple issues may be reluctant to phone multiple times.

According to some surgeries dealing with more than one health issue can increase the chances of a mistake. (A GP should not make mistakes, although I have proof that they do, with my daughter being prescribed Gaviscon by the GP yet the A&E diagnosed my daughter with Multiple Sclerosis).

My calculation is if the surgery did an eight-hour shift and had 20-minute consultations, would be 24 patients a day multiplied by 5 doctors would be 120 patients a day multiplied by 5 days would be 600 people a week or 2,400 patients per month that they could consult.

Not everyone comes to the surgery every week or every month, so what are doctors doing if they are having problems with time management?

GPs are insisting that patients raise only one problem per appointment because they are so short of time.

According to the Mail Online (January 2017), those with multiple ailments are being banned from booking longer 20-minute consultations – instead of being told to book a standard ten-minute appointment for each condition they want to discuss.

A ten-minute slot would equate to 6 slots per hour multiplied by 8 hours, which equates to 48 patients per day per Doctor. (48 patients per day per 10 min slots  x 5 GP’s = 240 patients per day x 5 days = 1,200 patients per week x 4 weeks = 4.800 patients per month).

Surgeries are increasingly introducing a controversial policy to cope with rising demand. But campaigners described the rules as ‘outrageous’ and warned they would put off patients from discussing potentially important health worries.

Practices across the UK have adopted the ‘one problem per appointment’ policy which claims it is to improve ‘clinical safety. However, there is a real increased risk that mistakes will be made and things missed as the Doctor may be inclined to rush, particularly if other patients are waiting.’ Other Surgeries have gone one step further by banning any long appointments for multiple health issues.

GP surgeries are under pressure from the rising and aging population on top of a recruitment crisis of family doctors. NHS figures published in December 2016 showed that in some parts of the country the number of patients on surgery lists has soared by 30 percent in just three years.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said: ‘It is outrageous that patients are being told there are rules around the health problems that can be discussed.

We hear so frequently from patients who struggle to even get an appointment that I’m confident most would take such an opportunity to ask about a secondary or less-urgent health concern.

‘Our concerns are that patients will not be given the opportunity, or maybe put off, from asking for medical advice because of this rule, which is a very serious patient safety risk.’

Dr. Helen Stokes-Lampard, chairman of the Royal College of GPs, said she was ‘saddened by the move. She added: ‘For a lot of consultations, particularly for people with chronic diseases or any psychological element to it, to be pressured into ten minutes is really unhelpful.’

Note from the Editor.

In Consideration of the above article, the Editor (myself) who has multiple health issues wrote a nine-page letter to the GP back in May of this year. I sent it via email with an attachment marked as private and confidential. I received an email back from the practice manager who said that she had read the letter (Not addressed to her) and that I needed to discuss my concerns by making a phone call to the GP even though it clearly stated in the letter what my concerns were.

(The GP could have phoned the patient (aka me) to discuss the concerns rather than ignore me altogether).

So, six months later seeing I never received a letter from the GP or a phone call, I happened to be chasing up a missing prescription for my daughter and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and asked for the GP to phone me only to be told I would have to phone back the following day to book a consultation. I replied just mark it on the system that I need the doctor to phone me.

By all accounts, the person I was speaking to could not pass on a message as I will explain.

I related that the letter I wrote in May clearly stated my concerns and that it could be marked on the system for the GP to phone me and that I should not be chasing the GP. The receptionist (male) said he would pass the message on so I thought…

Within minutes of the call ending the practice manager phoned demanding that I phone back the following day to book a consultation, she never said what time, but I presume at 8 am when the lines get jammed from people trying to make appointments for a good half hour to an hour, only to be told the slots are gone and to phone back the day after. This has happened previously to me so maybe the system has changed; I do not know, as I hardly ever phone the GP, I prefer everything in writing?

I said that the doctor should phone me and for the practice manager to pass the message on, who replied the doctor is too busy to read letters or correspond to them and that unless I phoned back in the morning to book a consultation the doctor will not be phoning me.

My reply was, I had to drop what I was doing today to speak with the practice manager that did not schedule a call and did not even ask if it was OK to talk. I continued to say I am also busy and that this call was inconvenient to which the practice manager raised her voice and in a stern tone said “Goodbye” and cut me off by ending the call.

If the GP does not phone me tomorrow, I will go out of my way to name and shame the practice and sue them for negligence for my escalation of health issues and emotional distress.

If I work into the early hours of the morning, I am not going to get up especially early to phone the surgery to ask for the GP to phone me when I have spoken with three people in total that could easily put a post-it note, on the GP’s desk to phone me. It is not difficult.

The overall way they treat their patients does not surprise me why people get agitated. If I were an elderly person, I would not be ringing back, this could then cause the persons’ health to deteriorate even more.

I speak on behalf of everyone who has problems speaking to their GP for multiple health issues. If a letter has been received and as per the phone call today which confirmed my ailments have been put on the system, you would think the care of duty by the clinician should have followed it up, but they have not, which in my way of thinking is negligence.

I suffer from depression and anxiety I am an advocate for mental health and have a website specifically for disabilities

I am not ashamed to admit it, I do struggle with anxiety and depression most days and some days are easier than others.

I lost my ex-husband and a family friend this year and around May time, which felt I needed some support from my GP hence wrote the letter not only discussing my mental health but other multiple ailments. Had I have had suicidal thoughts you would not be reading this right now because of my GP’s incompetence.

Imagine someone with a similar health issue relying on the GP to get in touch with them, I dread to think how many people have had their symptoms get worse because of the lack of duty of care by the clinician.

I have now spoken to three people in total over my letter including a cluster pharmacist who phoned me to discuss my medication who also told me she had read my letter and I quote “The letter was very thorough which is what GP’s like”, yet no one has followed up on my health issues?

I did write a while ago about doctor / patient confidentiality:

Some people also have anxiety phoning their GP’s:



HOW TO COMPLAIN (Recommended)

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Angry Client


To recap:

  1. I canceled some of my hostings at the end of July 2021, I phoned the beginning of August to confirm I had canceled my hosting and was told it had been canceled.
  2. In September I noticed payments had left my account which seemed high so I checked my invoices and found that the hosting I had canceled in July had been charged to my account and the money had left my bank account.
  3. I proceeded to email IONOS to and finally
  4. I had two replies to my emails requesting I submit proof I was overcharged. I did that without question but then had no replies to my emails.

What that meant was I had to cross-reference every contract, invoice, date, and amount.

I proceeded to phone IONOS for a total of 5 hours and 49 minutes since I started my complaint, to be told each time that they were trying to put me through to a supervisor that by coincidence every time I phoned the supervisors were in a meeting.

I said to one customer service person that it was their job cross-reference and not mine and if I was to do that considering I have 63 contracts I will charge them for my time and was told to send in an invoice.

So today was the last straw I phoned again and again all supervisors were in meetings which in reality meant they were not accepting my calls because they have no intention of resolving this issue.

I was told today once Clifford was free he would phone me back? I am not holding my breath.

I promised that if I was to be ignored today I would post on social media and tag everyone.

This is NOT how you treat your customers especially if they have large portfolios of contracts”.

I am now asking everyone who has had a bad experience with IONOS to message me.

I have embedded all the calls I have made over this issue and previous posts I have made about this company and now let’s see how good I am as an internet marketer to let the world know how this company treats its customers.

Phone Calls I have made to IONOS.

O2 (a)
O2 (b)
O2 (c)

I have since written this post have had an email from someone called “Jaffer Adams” who claims not receiving my email last Friday, even though I sent it to three different departments, spoke to multiple people throughout this week, and even had them forward the email I sent to the escalation department. This is very unprofessional and highly laughable beyond reason.

Final Notes.

I will not be doing another post about this, but rather updating my third and final one on here in due course and will wait to get a response from them before I start posting all over social media. I have just had confirmation via another phone call I made they are in receipt of my email and attachments. On top of this, I get a follow-up email asking for information that was clearly written out in an attachment previously sent to multiple departments, several times, whereby this person failed to read.

“Clearly, the a#@e does not know what the elbow is doing”.

Let see how fast they can resolve this, tick-tock, the clock is ticking…

My patience is wearing thin!

Since writing the post above, I phoned IONOS on Monday 4th October 2021 and asked to speak with “Jaffer Adams -Executive Solution Manager” and was told that he was unavailable all day. A few minutes later I get a phone call from no other than “Jaffer Adams” who never apologized for all the inconvenience it has caused me. He also said IONOS does not offer compensation seeing as I have many low-cost special offers that I am paying little or no money for the first year as a promotion (that is on them not me to do promotions) and has nothing to do with the fact all the unnecessary hassle they have caused. He went on to say he will be issuing me 4 refunds and although I was not happy with his answers I was grateful at least I would get back what was owed to me. Twenty-four hours have passed and you would think he would have been pretty sharpish to do this but I have not had any more credit notes or refunds and no communication in writing that he actually said what he said over the phone.

I think it is about time to properly introduce myself to this company, turn it up a notch and show them what I am all about and what I am capable of doing as they are not taking me seriously. I really sympathize with their other customers that are going through similar problems.

“I am not going to go away until this is resolved once and for all”

I also questioned 3 contracts in the PDF attachment I sent several copies of and several times and this has not been answered either.

(It looks I am going to have to waste even more of my time trying to resolve this).

“I am getting really sick and tired of IONOS attitude, they just trample on people and do not care or say sorry”.

It seems they do not care about their customers and all they care about is grabbing money”. If I were in their shoes I would try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible and give a gesture of goodwill as a way of an apology to stop the customer from giving bad reviews on every social media platform going.

I do not want their gestures of goodwill now, we have passed this stage (even though they have said they do not compensate customers), I am now ready to send them an invoice for my time”.

#ionos #ionos1and1 #1and1 #ionosbadreviews

IONOS Poor Customer Service Part II

Angry Client
Angry Client

I wrote my disdain towards this company in a previous article and thought to update what seems to be an ongoing sage.

You can read the previous article here:

To Recap:

  1. I cancelled my hosting for 5 domain names at the end of July manually but wanted to keep the domain names.
  2. I phoned customer support beginning of August to double check I had done it right and it was confirmed it was done right.
  3. In September I got invoiced for the hositing I had cancelled.
  4. I phone back and (12) credit notes were issued.
  5. I had no refunds (apart from one) even though the amounts for the original invoices left my account.
  6. I proceeded to write emails (not one, but a few).
  7. I had no replies to my emails.
  8. I then phoned and tried to get someone to look at my account .
  9. The person I spoke to on Monday 20th September randomly was picking invoices I had not disputed but assured me it would get escalated to the complaints depaartment and that someone would reply in 72 hours.
  10. I had not communication from IONOS over this matter so I phoned customer service today and was told an email had been sent out. I replied I never received an email and could they forward it to me again today. The person then put me on hold for 5 minutes and sent me an email that that was not forwarded and claimed he had copied and pasted the original (why not simply forward it if it really existed?). I replied do not insult my intelligence you have just written it out and you are lying and he went on the defence and said he was not. (Talk to the hand as I am now dealing with stupid people).
  11. The email said that I need to send in all the invoices I am disputing and not the credit notes (Even though it is the credit notes I am disputing as I have only had one refund for £13.84 I said if IONOS want me to do any work they will have to pay me and he said fine. He told me to send in my invoice. The email said that IONOS had done an indepth report of all my payments yet what they refer to is a PDF I had sent them cross referencing every domain name and contract number and payment. So they lied yet again claiming they had done the report even though I had sent them the report and I have had little to no communication with them over this matter.

I really do not want to seem racist but this company is employing cheap labor from the Philipines that are illiterate and have not got a clue what they are doing.

Here is the last email I sent to them omitting any overcharged payments or my fees for my time.

If they wish to cross me to cross-reference everything and write all the corresponding credit notes and invoices because they cannot do it on their end for some reason, just wait for my part III update is all I can say.

My cell phone bill is due in five days I will be adding my time to the final invoice.

To think I was dealing with a 💩 show from the other company I still have some of my websites hosted on I thought this company was a bit better until now, obviously not. They do not have five stars but more like 💩💩💩💩💩 in my opinion.


12. I then asked to speak to someone of the authority and was told all the supervisors were coincidently in meetings when I phoned and I was told that someone would phone me back.

13. I just got off the phone and they make things up as they go along. The woman said that my credit may not reflect as payments would be adjusted against the payments going out.

14. I said I would send them my bank statements, cross-reference everything and send them an invoice for my time.

15. The customer service woman then replied there is no guarantee that IONOS would compensate me.

16. I replied once I generate an invoice and the invoice does not get paid there would be a risk of the debt going to a small claims court in which a county court judgment would be made.

17. I ended the call as it was getting beyond a joke.

Let’s just wait and see what update I will post in part III of this saga.

God knows how many other people they scammed with their fictitious credit notes.

You would think they would care for a customer that had over 60 contracts with them but they don’t.

The last thing this company needs to do is mess with me. They need to learn more about me by visiting which ironically is hosted by them 😂.

I feel sorry for any other person trying to raise a complaint with this company.

#ionos #ionos1and1 #1and1 #ionosbadreviews more hashtags coming soon…

IONOS Poor Customer Service, Part I.

Anger Management – When a Third Party Pushes Your Buttons.

IONOS Poor Customer Service.

I have used many hosting providers over my time and some are worse than others. IONOS although a bit on the pricier side have had a few things going for them until lockdown happened.

They say they have 24/7 telephone support but what they omit in saying is that cancellation and billing are only open Monday to Friday during working hours. From my understanding that is not 24/7 support?

They also prompt you to write emails but in most cases, they go unanswered as in my case.

Their invoices simply have invoice/contract numbers but do not have any associated domain names (named), hence unless one can memorize contract numbers off by heart, cross-referencing contract numbers can be time-consuming and costly to a business that could be using the time more pro-actively, as in my case.

Furthermore, because everyone is working from home people are not updating the system properly so you end up having to pull your hair out talking to the next rep, and having to repeat yourself. I phoned twice yesterday and the second rep said there was no record of me phoning the time before?

For me, I have had an ongoing issue dating back to July of this year, where I canceled my hosting but kept the domain names for 5 products, and to be double sure I phoned to confirm my hosting had been canceled a day or so later and was told it was. Moving forward to the beginning of September I was invoiced again for the 5 domain packages including the domain names and hosting. Obviously, I was straight on the phone, and credit notes were generated but they did not reflect my invoices as I only had one refund to date.

I sent numerous emails to and and for some reason, they were unable to collect any outstanding balance of £32.40 which I had disputed, which in turn, caused my account to be blocked all for the sake of the disputed £32.40.

So because they had now got me by my short and curlies, I tried updating my card payment but there seemed to be an error so I decided to pay by bank transfer. You would think that would be the end of the drama, you can think again….

Not only had I paid and proved I had paid by sending them a copy of my bank statement, but my account continues to be frozen. I have given them 48 hours to rectify this otherwise I will be sharing my disdain for all the world to read and his maker, Achim Weiss (CEO).

Like I keep saying “a happy customer will tell their friends and family and an unhappy customer will tell the world”.

IONOS already have some bad press if you read all the unhappy customers via Trustpilot

To think I have made about 15 communications in total (emails/phone calls) over this one incident which if you divide this into an hour is 4 minutes per email or phone call, yet today’s call lasted 43 minutes and a previous call log was 1.04 hrs, so you can imagine if each email takes me 10 minutes to write and each phone call takes sometimes over an hour well you can imagine how much of my valuable time is wasted and if I charge £300 per hour for my time then I should be compensated accordingly considering the incident was not my fault. I will have a full statement of the duration of calls I have had with this company in the next 9 days and will update them on this post.

What companies do not realize is if they cause a person to become unwell because of direct negligence and for the customer to lose business because of their incompetence then it is only fitting the company compensates the customer for their time and health recovery. They should have professional liability insurance. I wrote about my ill health because of this company on my other site:

They say you should not keep all your eggs in one basket and I should take a leaf out of my own book. In total, I have 63 contracts with this company to be exact and it is high tide I took my business elsewhere and look for a different hosting provider.

Not only has my account been blocked over a £32.40 outstanding disputed payment in which I have paid by bank transfer under duress, but I have to wait a further 7 working days to have my account unblocked as the system needs to process my payment. Well, I still have to run a business and 7 days is 7 days too many in my eyes and if IONOS purposely stops me from conducting my business then “all is fair in love and war” and they should compensate me for the loss and damages this has incurred.

Will I be using this company in the future?, this remains to be seen and depends on what olive branch they bring to the table.

They have 48 hours before I blast this post all over the internet. Currently, it can only be found organically and is not shared on social media.

I will update this post in due course.

#ionos #ionos1and1 #1and1 #ionosbadreviews more hashtags coming soon…

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