Lenovo Customer Ratings.

After what seems like an eternity of emailing back and forth customer service, they have basically told me to “go forth and multiply”.

My dilemma started when a laptop was purchased as a gift to me only to find I had 10 months warranty instead of 12. Not thinking too deeply about it I raised a support ticket and the full 12 months were reinstated, that was until a couple of days later I experienced a blue screen.

I immediately contacted customer service and they told me to perform a BIOS system recovery meaning all my data and brand new 1 user software licenses programs would be lost. I asked how does that help me repair a brand new computer and Lenovo would not answer me. They then tried to pass the buck by saying it most probably is a Windows problem.

Not wanting to do this, I said if I lose my data will they compensate me and they said they would either refund or replace my laptop, but refrained from admitting liability or compensating me, however, after doing some digging and landing on the subdomain page of their own website I was shocked to read this:

Replacement or Refunds

So as you can imagine I am very apprehensive about sending back the laptop for a replacement or a refund if all trust is broken.

They have refused to meet me halfway, failed to respond to questions I asked them, and hid behind the ‘company policy’ excuse.

My argument was why do I have to do a BIOS reset on a laptop that I did not want to send back which would cause a problem for my business if I had to return it and they would not answer me?

I made them aware blowing my own trumpet that the previous article I wrote about them only managed to get on the first page of Google for the search terms Lenovo BSOD 2022 so if I can do this, imagine what I can do with this post.

The reason for the 10-month warranty originally I suspect this laptop was returned previously and resold after refurbishment. The reason why I say that is a brand new laptop comes with protective plastic on the mouse and on the screen and this laptop “Lenovo Ideapad 5” did not have either, giving me the impression this is a secondhand laptop. In total, I have had 3 BSOD to date and this laptop is coming up to being 3 weeks old.

I think I will persevere until I buy a new one, most definitely not a Lenovo may I add.

To think of the amount of time it has taken me writing emails back and forth and writing these posts, does this company not think I have anything else better to do?

If anything if I was to consider a replacement I would want a straight swap with the courier and not have to wait for another laptop to be sent out.

Lenovo BSOD 2022

Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is defined as the trust of the consumer and believability of the product or service contained within a brand.

brand name distinguishes itself from one seller to another. It will have uniqueness and will have distinguishable symbols, slogans, and taglines.

Brand credibility requires that consumers perceive that the brand has the ability to show expertise, secure global positioning, and as well as showing trustworthiness to continuously deliver what has been promised. However, if a brand does not deliver what it promises eventually its brand equity will erode).

You would think a company that has a very low trust rating would go above and beyond to make its customers happy.

I do not believe their replacement or refund is worth the paper it is written on because if I send this laptop back they just may not refund or replace it.

Although this laptop was bought through Amazon I am not sure about their return policy other than I have 30 days to send it back which gives me another week. I still need to break the news to the person that gifted me.

Evading answers not admitting liability and hiding behind company policies does not give the consumer confidence to invest in a brand that does not care about its own reputation.

Would I recommend this company to anyone? Most Certainly Not. Anyone thinking of purchasing a Laptop from Lenovo should think instead of ThinkPad should Think Twice!

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