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Three of the Strongest Industries to Pursue for Future Job Security.

Written By: Elizabeth Mackenzie

The three of the strongest industries that’ll future-proof your career involve the real estate and technology industries that fuel a lot of job opportunities. These industries have a robust and self-sustaining economy that allows them to stay healthy through economic downturns and crises.

With the rise of remote work, these industries will experience big changes to keep up with innovation and the needs of the market. The job market has an ever-increasing demand for tech-savvy and entrepreneurial professionals. Especially in the mentioned industries below, these requirements have become mandatory.

Employers around the world have seen that remote work can be successful and it has also demonstrated which jobs at their company could simply be automated. While this may be great for those companies, it’s not ideal for the employees who just lost their job. Therefore, looking at three of the strongest industries to pursue may help you get back into the workforce.

Real Estate

Traditionally, real estate is a solid industry, only affected by deep economic disruptions. However, this time, the real estate market has seemingly escaped unscathed from the stock market disruptions.

As a whole, this field will remain strong due to the amount of attention and regulatory action it has received. Keeping this in mind, entering the real estate market, either for employment or home-buying purposes, is a great idea. Unlike other fields, real estate seems to be an industry that is thriving.

Data Science

As a society, we currently live in a world that is driven by big data. Whether it comes from social media companies or consumer data reports at retail companies, data is collected wherever you go. While there may be some ethical concerns, it is certain that data will be a major player in the future of work.

What will be required is talented professionals who are capable of sorting through massive amounts of data and discerning only the most important information. This information can then be passed up the chain of command so that business executives can make informed business decisions. That’s where data scientists come into the equation.

Without data scientists, there would be no one capable of sorting through all the data floating around society. Entering this field used to require a master’s degree, but attending a trade school or an expedited online degree program will now allow you to enter the field. It’s never been easier to enter this field, so you should take advantage of this opportunity while you have it.

Web Development

Web developers are one of the biggest reasons you are even able to read this article right now. They create and support the websites companies and organizations use every single day. 

There are three types of web developers, front end, back end, and full-stack developers. As you may be able to discern from the names, front end and back end developers build the front and back end of a website respectively. Full-stack developers, however, are a much more secure job path considering they do the job of both front and back-end developers.

Therefore, if you are going to consider launching a career in web development, then pursuing work as a full-stack developer may be your best bet. It’s worth noting that you will need to display skills with JavaScipt and HTML, but a prominent coding Bootcamp can teach you these skills in a matter of months. 

Web developers have a positive job outlook. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for web developers is around 13 percent from 2020 to 2030. Moreover, it’s expected to have 17,300 job openings for web developers in the coming years.


No matter what potential career path you choose to follow, ensure that it uses a large number of skills that will be applicable to the future of work. There is no guarantee that whatever job you land next will survive into the future, but utilizing the skills applied in the above jobs is a great way to make sure you can stay in the workforce. Set yourself apart from the competition and develop prominent skills to demonstrate your ability to learn today.

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