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AI & Robot Domain Names

I read a vast amount of business news and can honestly say I have not heard of any AI or Robot manufacturers in Wales (Cymru) but you never know when the evolution of Robots increases by 900% you will find most businesses one-way or another will be using the technology if not also building it.

I wrote a post on the subject on my other blog today about how the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk have jumped on the bandwagon and are heavily investing in this technology.

If you are into stocks and shares you should do a bit of research and see which companies you need to invest in. Obviously, I am not qualified or know the first thing about stock markets but is worth noting that if Billionaires are doing it you should follow them (not literally) but on social media and in the news and on all the financial websites to see what they are investing in.

This is my tip for the day and once I sell my domain names I will no doubt be able to invest in this technology also.

Here is the link to my blog post:

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